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RE: Re to Brigitte - to Dallas

Oct 23, 2001 05:19 PM
by dalval14

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Re: Immortality out of Personality -- the Eternal
upils -- A Puzzle

Dear Peter

I enjoyed your answer. Perhaps one might be more precise, if one
relies on H.P.Blavatsky's statements. But like you the matter
can be reasoned out.

OUT OF MANIFESTATION {Perceived by the "Opened EYE of the
DANGMA -- S D I 27}

>From the eternal background (for which we use the word:

ABSOLUTE no qualities or limits. Nothing of the physical
corresponds. It is said to be a logical necessity.
absolute LAW inheres in this
( 1 ) It is THE ONE ONLY ONE.

== Manifestation recommences -- Experiences, Duality, Many
( 2 )

( 3 )

SPIRIT ATMAN PURITY in all respects Enfolds all
manifestation -- no limits
Suddha-Sattwa -- divine SUBSTANCE/PRINCIPLE

BUDDHI Accumulated Experience of existence, which existence is
defined as IMMORTALITY. -- Images, Records,
Pictures of all events "since the beginning of time in this Maha
Manvantara -- and by inference this is the recreation of an
earlier Maha Manvantara) a Karmic successor. [Synonyms:

ATMA-BUDDHI the Monad and Eternal Pilgrim. Basis for all
life everywhere. Emanates from the MONADIC ESSENCE --
undifferentiated matter (chaos)

ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS Linked to the earthly personal and material
(3 and 4)

KAMA-MANAS -- LOWER-MANAS Link of the highest aspect of
Personality as instinct, potential ratiocination, Desire made
intelligent, but, lacking foresight into ultimate effects.
(3 lines of evolution meet [ S D I 181])

The true Immortality of the INDIVIDUALITY [ ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS or
the DIVINE MONAD ] is for us, enveloped in the physical matter of
this plane -- a matter for speculation. [S D I 157, 200,
242-246, II 596]

However, if we trust Theosophy and H P B and the Mahatmas, then
we might quote that which H P B says: (I see you have quoted
this to Jerry -- but I read it after I went through this
writing -- excuse me. You also deal with this in answer to

H.P.Blavatsky: " I maintain as an occultist, on the authority of

Center of the page: [then follows this declaration]

"'s spirit while not individual per se, yet preserves ITS
DISTINCT INDIVIDUALITY in Paranirvana, owing to the accumulation
in it of the aggregates, or skandhas that have survived after
each death, from the highest faculties of the Manas.

The most spiritual, i.e., the highest and divinest aspirations of
every Personality follows Buddhi and the Seventh principle
[ATMAN] into Devachan...the INDIVIDUALITY of the
preserved to the end of the great cycle (Maha-Manvantara) when
each Ego enters Paranirvana, or is merged in Parabrahm....

Such Parabrahmic and Paranirvanic "spirits" or units, have and
must preserve their divine (not human) INDIVIDUALITIES, is shown
by the fact [that when the Night of Brahma ends] ...the same
INDIVIDUAL DIVINE MONAD resumes its majestic path of

January 1886; BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol. 7, p. 50;

I have a number of additional references (or hints) leading to
this statement which you might like to keep and check out.

S D I 16fn, 243, 266, 453, 535fn, 571-3; S D II 79-80,
232-3fn, I U I xvii, 292;

Key p. 151; The THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY p 232; Trans. p. 148;

In the U LT H P B Articles series: Vol 1 461-2, Vol. II
140, 198, 271,
Vol. III 204, 249, 334, 350,

Best wishes,



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> Peter, what distinguishes one Individuality from another? If
we are
> individually immortal, what characteristics make us different
from each
> other at the immortal monad level? If we strip away
personality what are
> we left with that is unique (individual)?
> Bill


Sorry to take so long in responding. I'm involved in a project at
the moment
that is somewhat time consuming.

My sense is that ONE-NESS transcends the duality of 'same-ness or
difference'. Just because we are of a ONE-NESS does not mean
that we are
all identical or clones of one another. At the heart of each
being is a
great mystery - The Great Mystery. It is limitless, ever
unfolding and can
never be fully known. So, one may have the experience that while
life is
ONE every expression of it is unique. At this level of Being,
both are
true, the One-ness of all things and the unique-ness of all
things. These
are two sides of 'That' which is truly limitless. I feel that
appreciation of both-as-one is part of Compassion, the sense of
with all life that makes us act on behalf of another.

I think one can sense something of this when we look upon someone
we love
deeply. We sense the unity, perhaps an unconditional one-ness,
at the level
of our hearts and yet find ourselves faced with the living
'mystery' of a
being whom we can never fully know. Their 'beauty', the such-ness
that makes
them what they are, constantly surprises us and fills us with a
sense of
wonder or awe. We are one and yet we are not each other. A

For me, that to which we give the name INDIVIDUALITY is an
expression of that limitless Mystery of Being and Non-Being. As
expression of that Mystery it is unique and as unfathomable as
the Mystery
itself. Yet it is not separate from the rest of Life, nor does it
itself to be. The idea of separateness is just that - an idea.
It has no
basis in fact, but only in imagination.

I hope the above doesn't sound too vague. I appreciate it
doesn't sound
logical, but its the best I can do at the moment.

best to you,


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