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RE: Theos-World whose seven principles

Oct 23, 2001 02:36 PM
by Peter Merriott

> Then with Manas comes
> the perception of "I am me," the awareness of being an
> individual apart from others.


I would say... when Higher Manas is awakened there arises an awareness of
one's Divine Individuality that is not separate from others or all life.
With lower Manas arises a belief that one's personality is separate from
others and all life.

The lower manas is that aspect of mind involved in logical and mostly linear
thinking, conjoined with kama it is 'human self-ishness'.

Higher Manas just 'knows' it is "Knowledge" itself (see below.

It is the lower manas which THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE calls the 'mind body',
that which has to be cleansed or paralysed in order to 'enter the path'.
(pages 11 & 77)

The higher Manas (or Manas proper) is referred to in THE VOICE as follows:

"Thy shadows [the personality] live and vanish; that which in thee shall
live for ever, that which in thee KNOWS, for it is knowledge, is not of
fleeting life; it is the man that was, that is, and will be, for whom the
hour will never strike." (p31; see endnote on page 84 where HPB states this
is Manas)


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