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RE: "chelas"?

Oct 23, 2001 12:10 PM
by dalval14

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Dear M

The word “chela” means a “pupil” -- and is generally used in the
Indo-Tibetan systems to signify a disciple of a “spiritual” teacher.

The actuality of a “spiritual” system is something that ought to first be
investigated -- no “leaps in the dark” are recommended.

As to extended “speculative thought” -- I say if you have a specific area
you desire to investigate, identify it, and get all you can find about it as
a preliminary -- then determine if you have developed any specific
foundations you can depend on for stability, and use them to assist in
making comparisons. The ultimate one who will benefit from this kind of
study is yourself. It is a form of self-education. The theosophist would
then ask: Which self are you educating? The HIGHER, or the lower self ?

Random thoughts don’t help, unless you are using up time and going nowhere.



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Subject: "chelas"?

Dallas quoted:
<<< "But let me again insist upon your trying to realize in
yourselves that you are a part of the All. That is the constant
subject of meditation, and will bring you the best and most rapid
progress...too much must not be expected of the Mahatmas. They
cannot interfere with Karma'; and so, if a man starts out to
them, they say: "Try."...It does not follow that they are always
helping him because he has made himself a chela. Of course,
there are those whose Karma is such that they are helped...Of
course if the Master sends one, then he will protect...We say we
are all part of the All. Well, we must intensely mediate upon
that until we begin to realize it, and from then we will receive
instruction." Letters, p. 200>>>>
Neat collection of quotes from Dallas, in tend to think, in that post. That
word "chela" got me "speculating" about a few things. I wonder if some
things are, in a sense, "too important" to be called by a name, or be known
by apparent/outward particular things we do, or don't do . . . in a sense .
. . I think one of the main reasons I have an interest in what I see as the
study of theosophy is that there seems to be a certain "theosophic medium"
that seems to invite certain kinds of "farther-reaching" speculative
thoughts. What do we mean by "farther reaching" speculative thoughts . . .
The answer might tend to get kind of involved/individualistic and esoteric,
and of course we all tend to interpret things somewhat differerently.

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