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Re: Atma - to Bruce

Oct 23, 2001 07:12 AM
by Monica Suzuki

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Jerry S" <gschueler@e...> wrote:
> Most Theosophists do not practice magic or astral projection and
> as a result have little or no appreciation for (or understanding
> of) planes.

I don't think one has to practice magic or astral projection to have 
an appreciation or understanding of planes. I do think it requires a 
considerable amount of contemplative thinking.

> ...phrase "embodied on all seven planes" is confusing to me,
> although I have said several times that we do have a body
> on each plane - a body and a principle each corresponding to
> the "matter" of that plane.

It is possible for such an individual to be aware of all planes of 
consciousness and co-exist in one or more planes at the same time due 
to the possibility that such an individual would not be affected by 
the space-time continuum as we mere mortals. As it stands, we mere 
mortals are fortunate if we have three or four bodies developed. An 
individual who possessed a seven-fold consciousness would have the 
full spectrum of consciousness available to him or her.

> <<<< If one can attain nirvana, then there must be something to 
> Only in the sense that we can "attain" a cosmic plane.

"Attaining" mastery at a cosmic plane would signify spatial mastery 
at a certain level. However, it would not be the "ultimate" level of 
attainment of an individual's peak performance. If a person were to 
attain nirvana, it would still not be the resting point for all 


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