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Clairvoyant training in the Theosophical movement.

Oct 22, 2001 06:43 AM
by bri_mue

Jerry: "the TS changed 180 degrees after the Hodgson Report and all of
the psychism flapdoodle that followed. "
Obviously a process of redaction has taken place and early events or 
approaches within the TS are being denied. 

During Krishnamurti's time psychic development in the TS was also 
applied to a number of TS children. Probably to become leaders of 
the "next race" or so, similar to the earlier experriment with 
I knew one of these children at a time he was much older, Harry van 
Gelder, the brother of Dora Kunz the former president of the TS. He 
told me that both where trained by Leadbeater to be clairvoyants. 
However many theosophists will even try to deny that Dora Kunz's 
books about aura's and elemental beings have anything to do with 
herself as a clairvoyant. 
I first went to see Harry van Gelder in Ojai (I was verry young that 
time and not really interrested yet in history or theosophy) with a 
japanese women friend of mine that was older then me , who had 
osteopathic treatment from him at van Gelders office in town.
It was funny how he did do the osteopathic treatment, he used to be 
like a talking pendulum, he murmeld for himself and asked questions 
wich he answerred (like self talk) intuitivly about the patient and 
how he had to proceed with the treatment.
I asked him aftherwards outside his office how/who he talked /got the 
answers, and he answerred verry intens "nous" (or the nous) and 
pointed above his head, so I understood he ment the higher self wich 
I conveyed to him and he said "got it". 
He invited me then to come to his house to a group meeting where they 
did practical work with clairvoyance and (what I perceived as ) 
magnetic healing., I am not going to tell everything that was said 
and done there, nobody asked me to keep it secret, but I feel it 
would be violating the privacy of that situation. 

Jerry: "The problem is that both methods are subject to a great deal 
ofafter-the-fact interpretation."


I don't think the "clairvoyance" of aswell the earlier as the 
later Theosophists and neo theosophical was verry objective, then 
what goes in comes out in this case. A key would be to first free 
oneself of ones inner preconceptions, thinking, and emotions at the 
time one does this.


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