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RE: Theos-World RE: The Mahatma letters.

Oct 21, 2001 08:23 AM
by nos

Dear "Dallas" 

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|Dear "Nos"
|Aldous Huxley's THE PERENNIAL PHILOSOPHY is an interesting survey.

Did I say I'd read it? Imeant I'd read the back cover. Oh and 'The
Hobbit' does that count?

|But it is not THEOSOPHY in the sense that the KEY TO THEOSOPHY

What about Isis Unveiled?

|If you are going to discuss Theosophy, then a knowledge of the 
|main ideas and doctrines would be useful -- or, there will be 
|much exposed at cross-purposes.


|It is usually "polite" to give some response or 
|acknowledgement to another's efforts. At least I think so. 
|Of what use is an expression of opinion if it falls on "deaf 
|ears," or no pen can be raised to respond?


|I agree that no one's view of TRUTH need be a matter of 
|acceptance. But any one's opinions or expression of logic as 
|they see it, can be responded to for mutual benefit.

Or Mutual Humour!

|Can we use the word NATURE to signify the whole of 
|manifestation and all the rules and laws that support the 
|invisible worlds of FORCE whereby the physical and superficial 
|apearance of things is described and explained?

We could use that. Or what about glommel?

But seriously (for a - Sure lets so nature is as you say -how
then is Maya different to Nature?

|Best wishes,



||Friday, October 19, 2001
|| Re: Information contained in the MAHATMA LETTERS
||Dear Nos.
||I write because these themes interest me and I have been at 
|it for over 
||60 years trying to verify the accuracy of this system we name today 
|Not be rude - I didn't ask why - just how you got the time to 
|write so much - do you get any carpel tunnel syndrome or RSI? 
|I do and I would write perhaps a tenth of your content a day 
|and given you've been doing it for 60 years I suspect I am 
|much younger as well! Is there a Herb you would recommend 
|that would alleviate this?
||You ask about the MAHATMA LETTERS -- I would say that their value is 
||interior to them. do they make sense (in whole or in part)? To whom 
||were they sent, for what occasion or reason? I notice that 
|they seem to 
||bridge some of the many gaps our Science leaves open or has only been 
||able to theorize about.
|Sorry - Wasn't me that asked!
||case] [see ISIS UNVEILED Vol. II pp 97-103]
|Um, yep...
|Do you think a question should 'elicit' a response?
||Is what is offered there true?
|How does one ascertain what is true?
||Has anyone other ideas that might be valid?
||Does it assist our Science in defining the laws and processes 
|found in 
|Laws and Processes are 'best fits' - see 'Superforce' - Paul Davies
||How did they get into Nature anyway? and, what is Nature as a
|Nature implies something Natural and hence something unnatural 
|and also something supernatural - no?
||Are there these mysterious 10 and 7 planes said to be interior to the 
||physical? Have you looked in The SECRET DOCTRINE at Vol. I pp 157, 
||181, 200, 242-6, II 596 and in the KEY TO
||(HPB) see pp. 91-2, 135-6, 175-6, and intervening dialog.
|To my understanding the planes are all mental constructs in an 
|absract sense - ratiocination if you will - ideas are the 
|child of thought - thought is a vibration - vibration is 
|motion - trith lies in the STOPPED moment - ie no vibration - 
|no thought.....
|DTB	AGREED == THEY ARE FROZEN as matters o description but it is
|also recognized they continue reacting and changing.

This would of course equate latent non-thouht - or pre-existent thought
with the quantumsoup of potentiality that it is at the heart of
zero-point physics (and hence theosophy, no?)

|All classification systems are mans boundary creation - 
|converting analogue to digital - they are a 'best-fit' - close 
|and good enough for discussion but not TRUTH.

So then you see that when we talk about Manas - Atma etc etc these are
concepts - abstractions - only as such can only exist in a 'mind' - so
the universalmatrix is a universal mind - there is no physical locality
- it is all in the mind of god.

|The seat of the godhood in the pineal gland using force of 
|will controls a host of elements - the elements are all 
|electrical particles and hence vibratory - they exist in the 
|universal mental matrix.

|behind the point of physical matter -- the gland -- that we 
|call the PINEAL ? Why not the physical HEART ?

Each chakra is a complex feedback loop for universal energy - however
consciousness as we experience it is in the pineal - when you say
physical that implies a differentiation between physical and
non-physical - as I have saidbefore - no such thing - so the heart is
the heart - physical and non-physical. There are brain cells under your
stomach - these serve the function of intuitive thought - they supply
gut feeling? - how??? They must interact with non-visible (to the human
eyes spectrum which is just a fraction of the spectrum) forces as well. 

It's a been a few years since I went 'there' and back again and the
mayavic veilis slowly clouding my recollection but I can safely say this
the HEART is GOLD ;) 

||What are its rules and regulations?
|Have you seen the film the Matrix? The rules only apply if 
|you think they do ;)
|(held to be permanent and universal-based, draws on UNIVERSAL 

Even physicallaws don't hold for allsituations though.... Is there any
univeral law apart from Karma.

At this point I'd like to quote PJ Harvey (a goddess in her own right) 

Speak to me of universal law
Of the whores hustle and the hustlers whore

||How does the Mental faculty relate and or attach itself to then brain 
||and the physical man?

|A complex array of ineracting electro-magnetic fields 
|converging through an analogue spectrum into biological 
|chemical reactions with the physical construct of the brain. ?
|presently maintained?

Each thought begets a new thought.... Thought begets form...

|Or actualaties expressions of DESIRES, PASSIONS, VIRTUES, VICES
||What is the actual PSYCHOLOGY of humans?
|Fallen Gods who can't face the truth?
|DTB	AND WHAT CAUSED THEM TO FALL? from where to where?

God was one - but went insane and became many - it's happier that way...

And from here to here ;)

||Where does a life end? what final summation is there for our

||Why is it that children from an early age exhibit their own 
||characteristics in the areas of the physical strength and 
|resistance to 
|Body Type (pita, Vata Kapha - Peken, Tripa, Bile?) - Mother's 
|Milk . Astrological influence. DNA corruption through 
|oxidants, corrosives and electro-magnetic radiation?

So what was your answer?

||In Mind and the power to learn and to reason?
|Sorry rephrase?
||Are the "desires and passions" truly a separate group from 
|the thoughts 
||and the reasonings?
|Nothing is separate from anything else...
||What propels us to inquire into these things?
|The Mote in God's Eye
||Can our findings provide a change of direction to our aims in
|After Gnosis yes....

All answer you if youanswer me ;)

*may you reach enlightenment 

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