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RE: Theos-World The Seven Theory

Oct 18, 2001 05:25 PM
by nos

Is there a boundary between these bodies?

I find that all this classification is nonsense.

It's like saying there's seven colours in the rainbow and that they look
like how a child draws it with seven distinct colours - when in fact
it's an anologue spectrum - same thing with everything - no boundaries -
just continuum...

IMHE anyway


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|Sent: Friday, 19 October 2001 2:14 AM
|Subject: Theos-World The Seven Theory
|> On a different subject since I brought up music, I have often
|> wondered if the seven basic notes of music have any correlation to 
|> the seven planes. Similarly, if man is a microcosm of the universe 
|> and the seven planes represent the macrocosm of the universe, is 
|> there also a correlation between the seven chakras and the seven 
|> planes?
|And another thing, some theosophists believe that man has four bodies 
|but isn't it possible that man is capable of having seven bodies but 
|the top three haven't been developed yet?
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