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RE: Theos-World Real music?

Oct 18, 2001 04:53 PM
by dalval14

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Dear Friend:

One cannot know :good" without being able to contrast it with
"bad" or "evil."

I have always found the "good" to be charitable, caring for
others needs, generous, brotherly and virtuous. I have always
felt that the "bad" was selfish, isolationist, greedy, sly, and
eager to try and break the laws of Nature surreptitiously, and,
for the sorrow of some other or others.

Sometimes it tries to veil this base value with challenges and
dares, but it cannot support its ignorance of the true behind
which it seeks to take surface refuge. Hypocrisy is its
hallmark. It will often challenge the "good" with dares. It is
eager to see if the Laws of nature can be bent or broken and it
takes pleasure in leading others to do this also.

I think you might be interested in some information from
Theosophical sources concerning "music."

Here it is:

=================== MUSIC - VIBRATIONS ===============

Music and Vibration

Index - 1 -	Index - 2 -
__________________ Page	__________________	Page

Atoms	.	.	14	Power Behind Speech	. 14
Dynamic Harmony	. 9	Sacred Numbers	. 3
Fundamentals	. 1	Sound and Vibration	9
Indian & Chinese Music	12 Specific Egoic Vibration .	3
Language Development	14 Speech	.	.	. 11
Music & Its Power	. 4	Voice of the Inner Self	. 13
Music of the Spheres	2	Vibration & Chelaship	6


"Everything in the Universe was framed according to the eternal
proportions and combinations of numbers. "God geometrizes," and
numbers and numerals are the fundamental basis of all systems of
mysticism, philosophy and religion."
HPB Art I 504

"From Gods to men, from Worlds to atoms, from a star to a
rush-light, from the Sun to the vital heat of the meanest organic
being--the world of Form and Existence is an immense chain, whose
links are all connected. The law of Analogy is the first key to
the world problem, and these links have to be studied
coordinately in their occult relations to each other." S D I

"Every phenomenon in the visible Universe has its genesis in
motion, is an old axiom in Occultism..." HPB Articles, Vol. II,
p. 10

"Motion is eternal per se, and in the manifested Kosmos it is
the Alpha and Omega of that which is called electricity,
galvanism, magnetism, sensation--moral and physical--thought, and
even life on this plane."	Transactions 115

"...we come to regard this omnipresent Principle from the point
of view of the root or consciousness, we postulated as being--in
this aspect--absolute abstract motion, because consciousness has
the quality of motion in it and not the quality of space, since
motion has to have space in which to move."	THEOSOPHICAL FORUM,
p. 41

"We believe in Fohat...his voice and Emanations...produced
by an electric shock of atoms and repercussions producing both
Sound and Light."
HPB Articles, Vol. II, p. 413-4.

"...the sacred Science of the Numerals; so sacred...and so
important in the study of Occultism that the subject can hardly
be skimmed..."	S D I 89

"There is a harmony of numbers in all nature; in the force of
gravity, in the planetary movements, in the laws of heat, light,
electricity, and chemical affinity, in the forms of animals and
plants, in the perception of the mind."	S D II 622

"The odd numbers are divine, the even numbers are terrestrial,
devilish, and unlucky..."	S D II 574

"The Spirit, which is immortal, has an arithmetical, as the body
has a geometrical, beginning."	HPB Art I 15	(see ISIS I 506-08)


"...the Rosicrucian theory, that the whole universe is a musical
instrument, is the Pythagorean doctrine of the music of the
spheres. Sounds and colors are all spiritual numerals; as the 7
prismatic rays proceed from one spot in heaven, so the 7 powers
of nature, each of them a number, are the 7 radiations of the
Unity, the central spiritual Sun."	ISIS I 514

"...the Pythagorean "music of the spheres" is something more
than a mere fancy, and that certain planetary aspects may imply
disturbances in the ether of our planet, and certain others rest
and harmony. Certain kinds of music throw us into frenzy; some
exalt the soul to religious aspirations...there is scarcely a
human creation which does not respond to certain vibrations of
the atmosphere. It is the same with colors; some excite us,
some soothe and please...why may we not be influenced in the mass
by vibrations acting upon a grand scale as the effect of combined
stellar influences ?" ISIS I 275

"Thus Vach, Shekinah, or the "music of the spheres" of
Pythagoras, are one...These personations may be viewed under four
(chief) and three (lesser) aspects or seven in all, as in
Esotericism. The para form is the ever subjective and latent
Light and Sound, which exist eternally in the bosom of the
INCOGNIZABLE; when transferred into the ideation of the Logos,
or its latent light, it is called the pasyanti, and when it
becomes that light expressed, it is madhyama." S.D. I 431-432.


"All systems of religious mysticism are based on numerals. With
Pythagoras, the Monas or unity, emanating the duad, and thus
forming the trinity and quaternary, or Arba-il (the mystic four),
compose the number seven. The sacredness of numbers begins with
the great First--the One, and ends only with the nought or
zero--symbol of the infinite and boundless circle which
represents the universe. All the intervening figures, in
whatever combination, or however multiplied, represent
philosophical ideas, from vague outlines down to a definitely
established scientific axiom, relating either to a moral or a
physical fact in nature. They are a key to the ancient views on
cosmogony, in its broad sense, including man and beings, and the
evolution of the human race, spiritually as well as physically.

The number seven is the most sacred of all, and is, undoubtedly,
of Hindu origin. Everything of importance was calculated by and
fitted into this number by the Aryan philosophers--ideas as well
as localities..."	ISIS I 407

"...the never manifested Monad which lives in solitude and
darkness; when the hour strikes it radiates from itself ONE, the
first number.

This number descending, produces Two, the second number, and
Two, in its turn, produces Three, forming a triangle, the first
complete geometrical figure in the world of form.

It is this ideal or abstract triangle which is the Point in the
Mundane Egg, which after gestation, and the third remove, will
start from the Egg to form the triangle.

This is Brahma--Vach--Viraj in the Hindu Philosophy and Kether -
Chokmah - Binah in the Zohar.

The first Manifested Logos is the Potentia, the unrevealed
Cause; the second, the still latent Thought; the third, the
Demiurgos, the active Will evolving from its universal Self the
active effect, which in turn, becomes the cause on a lower
plane."	Transactions, p. 83	( see also: SD I-130, on the two

"These sacred numbers [ 3, 4 & 7 ] are the sacred numbers of
Light, Life, and Union, especially in this manvantara, our
life-cycle, of which number 7 is the special representative, or
the Factor number."	SD II 590


"It is said that each person has a distinct mathematical value
expressed by one number. This is a compound or resultant of
numberless smaller values...When it is known extraordinary
effects may be produced not only in the mind of a person but also
in his feelings, and this number may be discovered by certain
calculations more recondite than those of our higher
mathematicians. By its use the person may be made angry without
cause, and even insane or full of happiness, just as the operator
desires."	WQJ ART I 335

"In its abstract sense Theosophy is the white ray, from
which arise the 7 colors of the solar spectrum, each human being
assimilating one of the 7 rays to a greater degree than the other
6. It follows that 7 persons, each imbued with his special ray,
can help each other mutually. Having at their service the
septenary bundle of rays, they have the 7 forces of nature at
their command. But it follows also that to reach that end, the
choosing of the 7 persons who are to form a group, should be left
to an expert,--to an initiate in the science or occult rays."
HPB Articles Vol. I, p. 440-1


"principles of universal unchangeable harmony... "when a
musical note is struck, its vibrations will not, and cannot
change into those of another note."	ISIS I 184

"Now, if the impulses communicated to the ether by the various
planets may be likened to the tones of produced by the different
notes of musical instruments, it is not difficult to conceive
that the Pythagorean "music of the spheres" is something more
than mere fancy, and that certain planetary aspects may imply
disturbances in the ether of our planet, and certain others rest
and harmony. Certain kinds of music throw us into a frenzy;
some exalt the soul to religious aspirations...there is scarcely
a human creation which does not respond to certain vibrations of
the atmosphere. It is the same with colors; some excite us,
others soothe and please...If we and the animals are affected by
vibrations acting upon a very minute scale, why may we not be
influenced in the mass be vibrations acting on a grad scale as
the effect of combined stellar influences ?"	ISIS I 274-5

"Let a note be struck on an instrument, and the faintest sound
produces an eternal echo. A disturbance is created on the
invisible waves of the shoreless ocean of space, and the
vibration is never wholly lost. Its energy being once carried
from the world of matter into the immaterial world will live
forever...the principle of continuity...exists...for a floating the spirit, whose attributes are consciousness, memory,
mind, Love !"	Isis I p. 114
[ see also: ISIS I 274, 514; SD I 469, 508-9, 145; M L
60-65; ISIS I 274 top ]

"Go to your fortepiano and execute upon the lower register of
keys the seven notes of the lower octave--up and down. Begin
pianissimo; crescendo from the first key and having struck
fortissimo on the last lower note go back diminuendo getting out
of your last note a hardly perceptible sound --"morendo
pianissimo"	...The first and last notes will represent to you
the first and last spheres in the cycle of evolution--the
highest! The one you strike once is our planet. Remember you
have to reverse the order on the fortepiano : begin with the
seventh note, not with the first...The one Life-principle when in
action runs in circuits even as known in physical science. It
runs round in [the] human body, where the head represents, and is
the Microcosmos (the physical world of matter) what the summit of
the cycle is to the Macrocosmos (the world of universal spiritual
Force); and so with the formation of worlds and the great
descending and ascending "circle of necessity." All is one Law.
Man has seven principles, the germs of which he brings with him
at his birth. So has a planet or a world. From first to last
every sphere has its world of effects, the passing through which
will afford a place of final rest to each of the human
principles--the seventh principle excepted..."
Mahatma Letters, p. 73

"...the aggregate sound of nature is shown to be a single
definite tone, a keynote vibrating from and through eternity;
having an undeniable existence per se yet possessing an
appreciable pitch but for "the acutely fine ear" (fn.: This tone
is held by the specialists to be the middle F of the piano.)--so
the definite harmony or disharmony of man's external nature is
seen by an observant to depend wholly on the character of the
keynote struck for the outer by inner man. It is the spiritual
Ego or Self that serves as the fundamental base, determining the
tone of the whole life of man--that most capricious, uncertain
and variable of all instruments, and which more than any other
needs constant tuning; it is its voice alone, which like the
sub-bass of an organ underlies the melody of his whole
life--whether its tones are sweet or harsh, harmonious or wild,
legato or pizzicato."	HPB Articles, Vol. II, p. 297.
[	see VOICE OF THE SILENCE, fn p. 55-6 ]


"...the brain of a chela is attuned by training to the brain of
the Master. His vibrations synchronize with those of the
Adept...So the chela's brain is abnormal, looking at it from the
standpoint of ordinary life....the adept sees all the colors in
every color and yet does not confuse them together..." -- HPB
WQJ Art I 336

"A human heart that has at its center a small spark--the
spark expands and the heart disappears--while a deep pulsation
seems to pass through me. At once identity is confused, I grasp
at myself; and again the heart reappears with the spark
increased to a large fiery space. Once more that deep movement;
then sounds (7); they fade... "
A Hindu Chela's Diary, Theosophy Mag., Vol. 3, p. 360

"The light from the One Master, the unfading golden light of
Spirit, shoots its effulgent beams on the Disciple from the very
first. Its rays thread through the thick, dark clouds of matter.

Now here, now there, these rays illumine it, like sun-sparks
light the earth through the thick foliage of the jungle growth.
But, O Disciple, unless the flesh is passive, head cool, the Soul
as firm and pure as flaming diamond, the radiance will not reach
the chamber; its sunlight will not warm the heart, nor will the
mystic sounds of the akasic heights reach the ear, however eager,
at the initial stage.

(*) The mystic sounds, or the melody, heard by the ascetic
at the beginning of his cycle of meditation, called Anahad-shabda
by the Yogis." VOICE, p. 19 & fn.

"..."Mind" is manas, or rather its lower reflection, which
whenever it disconnects itself, for the time being, with kama,
becomes the guide of the highest mental faculties, and is the
organ of the free-will in physical man...." HPB Articles,
Vol. II, p. 13

"Self-consciousness belongs alone to man and proceeds from the
Self, the higher Manas." HPB Articles, Vol. II, p. 9

"Vibrations limited to earth...cause is supersensuous
aura...correlations below sound and color..." S D I 514 fn

[ Listening: "The power of listening is one of the great powers
of the Mind; and, the power to speak, is a great power of the
Heart. If we can develop the power to listen, then, using the
will guided by compassion, we can guide our creative power of
speech. HPB hints [SD II 199fn] that speech was developed from
the time when man developed reason and "became one with the
informing principles in [him]."
S D II 199fn

"We enter upon this great path of action in occultism mentally
disposed towards final victory. This mental attitude instantly
throws all the parts of our being into agitation, during which
the tendencies which are by nature antipathetic to each other
separate and range themselves upon opposite sides. This creates
great distress...we have evoked a force in nature and set up a
current and vibration which will go on no matter what we do...At
this point of our progress we should examine our motive and
desire."	Gita Notes, 35

"The condition of the soul when it lives for the life of
sensation as distinguished from that of knowledge, is vibratory
or oscillating, as distinguished from fixed...In sensation no
permanent home can be found, because change is the law of this
vibratory existence. That fact is the first one which must be
learned by the disciple. It is useless to pause (42) and weep
for a scene in a kaleidoscope which has passed."
Light on the Path, p. 41-2

"...Whenever you are able to attune your consciousness to
any of the seven chords of 'Universal Consciousness,' those
chords that run along the sounding-board of Kosmos, vibrating
from one Eternity to another; when you have studied thoroughly
"the music of the Spheres," then only will you become quite free
to share your knowledge with those with whom it is safe to do
so...Do not give out the great Truths that are the inheritance of
the future Races, to our present generation. Do not attempt to
unveil the secret of being and non-being to those unable to see
the hidden meaning of Apollo's Heptachord--the lyre of the
radiant god, in each of the seven strings of which dwelleth the
Spirit, Soul and Astral body of the Kosmos, whose shell only has
now fallen into the hands of Modern Science..."	S D I 167

"The Doctrine of the Heart is the spiritual consciousness of the
Ego--not perceived by the brain consciousness until right
thought, and right action which sooner or later follow it, attune
certain centers in the brain in accord with the spiritual
vibrations. It might be well to read The Voice of the Silence
over and meditate on its sayings. You have much of the
intellectual side; there should be as much of the devotional;
for what is desirable is the awakening of the spiritual
consciousness, the intuition --Buddhi --and this cannot be done
unless the thoughts are turned that way with power and purpose.
"You may, if you will, set apart a certain half-hour, just before
retiring and after arising--as soon as possible after--and before
eating. Concentrate the mind upon the Masters as ideals and (14)
facts--living, active, beneficent Beings, working in and on the
plane of causes.

Do not try to open up communication with beings on other planes.
It is not the time and danger lies that way, because the power of
creating one's own images, and because of the power and
disposition of the dark forces to simulate beings of Light, and
render futile your efforts to reach the goal."	F P 13-14

"Before the voice can speak in the presence of the Masters
it must have lost the power to wound."..."Speech is the power of
communication; the moment of entrance into active life is marked
by its attainment."	Light On The Path, p. 1, 62.

"Before the soul (divine, starry spirit) can stand in the
presence of the Masters its feet must be washed in the blood of
the heart."..."The sacrifice, or surrender of the heart of man,
or the emotions, is the first of the rules.."	Light on the Path,
p. 80 - 81.

" be able to speak is to have attained the power of
helping others."	Light on the Path, p. 22.

" adept may be compared to that one key which contains all
the keys in the great harmony of nature. He has the synthesis of
all keys in his thoughts, whereas the ordinary man has the same
key as a basis, but only acts and thinks on one or a few changes
of this great key, producing in his brain only a few chords out
of the whole great possible harmony...the brain of the chela is
attuned by training to the brain of the Master. His vibrations
synchronize with those of the the chela's brain is
abnormal...the adept sees all the colors in every color and yet
does not confuse them together...the highest adepts [have raised
their vibrations so as to have them the same as those of nature
as a whole]...He can produce a sound which will alter a color.
It is the sound which produces the color, and not the other or
opposite. By correlating the vibrations of a sound in the proper
way a new color is made...on the astral plane every sound always
produces a color...these are invisible because not yet correlated
by the human brain so as to become visible on the earth
plane....His astral senses may see the true color, but the
physical eye has its own vibrations, and these, being on the
outer plane, overcome the others for the time, and the astral man
is compelled to report to the brain that it saw correctly. For
in each case the outer stimulus is sent to the inner man, who
then is forced, as it were, to accept the message and to confirm
it for the time so far as it goes. But there are cases where the
inner man is able to even then overcome the outer defect and to
make the brain see the difference...."
WQJ Articles, Vol. I, p. 423-426.

"...He must "see with the ears, hear with the eyes, understand
the language of the rainbow, and have concentrated his six senses
in his seventh sense." (Fn) Symbology of colors. The Language
of the prism, of which "the 7 mother colors have each 7
sons,"...49 shades or "sons" between the 7, which graduated tints
are so many letters or alphabetical characters. The language of
colors has, therefore, 56 letters for the Initiate. Of these
letters each septenary is absorbed by the mother color, as each
of the 7 mother colors is absorbed finally in the white ray,
Divine Unity symbolized by these colors."	HPB Articles, Vol. I.
p. 425.


"...the aggregate sound of nature is shown to be a single
definite tone, a keynote vibrating from and through eternity;
having an undeniable existence per se yet possessing an
appreciable pitch but for "the acutely fine ear"--so the definite
harmony or disharmony of man's external nature is seen by the
observant to depend wholly on the character of the keynote struck
for the outer by inner man. It is the spiritual EGO or SELF that
serves as the fundamental base, determining the tone of the whole
life of man--that most capricious, uncertain and variable of all
instruments, and which more than any other needs constant tuning;
it is its voice alone, which like the sub-bass of an organ
underlies the melody of his whole life--whether its tones are
sweet or harsh, harmonious or wild, legato or pizzicato."	HPB
ART II 297

"...the Gita. All these are instinct with a life of their own
which changes the vibrations. Vibration is the key to it all.
The different states are only differences of vibration, and we do
not recognize the astral or other planes because we are out of
tune with their vibrations." WQJ LET. 39


"...the world had been called forth out of Chaos by Sound
and Harmony, and constructed according to the principles of
musical proportion; that the 7 planets which rule the destiny of
mortals have a harmonious motion "and intervals corresponding to
musical diastems, rendering various sounds, so perfectly
consonant, that they produce the sweetest melody, which is
inaudible to us, only by reason of the greatness of the sound,
which our ears are incapable of receiving." In the Pythagorean
Theogony the hierarchies of the heavenly Host and Gods were
numbered and expressed numerically." S.D., I, p. 433

"All the world is in the Swara [measure or beat]; Swara is the
Spirit itself"--the One Life or motion, say the old books of
Hindu Occult philosophy. "The proper translation of the word
Swara is the current of the life wave," says the author [Rama
Prasad] of "Nature's Finer Forces"..."It is that wavy motion
which is the cause of the evolution of cosmic undifferentiated
matter into the differentiated universe...From whence does this
motion come? This motion is the spirit itself. The word atma
(universal soul)...comes from the root AT or eternal
motion;...[it] is connected with...the roots Ah, breath, and As,
being. All these roots have for their origin the sound produced
by the breath of animals (living beings)...The primeval current
of the life-wave is then the same which assumes in man the form
of inspiratory and expiratory motion of the lungs, and this is
the all-pervading source of the evolution and involution of the

..."From the visible atom to the celestial body lost in space,
everything is subject to motion...kept at a definite distance one
from the other, in proportion to the motion which animates them,
the molecules present constant relations, which they lose only by
the addition and subtractions of a certain quantity of motion."

But Occultism says more than this. While making of motion on
the material plane and of the conservation of energy, two
fundamental laws, or rather two aspects of the same omnipresent
law--Swara, it denies point blank that these have anything to do
with the free-will of man which belongs to quite a different
plane...The actual fact of man's psychic (we say manasic or
noetic) individuality is a sufficient warrant against the
assumption...Now by "psychic" individuality we mean that
self-determining power which enables man to override
circumstances..."	HPB ART II 11-12


" the mystic personification of speech, and the
female Logos, being one with Brahma, who created her out of
one-half of his body...she is also one with Viraj (...female
Viraj) who was created in her by Brahma. In one sense Vach is
"speech" by which knowledge was taught to man; in another she is
the "mystic, secret speech" which descends upon and enters into
the primeval Rishis...For, she is called "the female creator,"
the "mother of the Vedas," Esoterically, she is the subjective
Creative Force which, emanating from the Creative Deity (the
subjective Universe, its "privation," or ideation) becomes the
manifested "world of speech," i.e., the concrete expression of
ideation, hence the "Word" or Logos. Vach is "the male and
female" Adam of the 1st chap, of Genesis, and thus is called
"Vach-Viraj" by the sages...."the celestial Saraswati produced
from the heavens," a "voice derived from speechless Brahma"...;
the goddess of wisdom and eloquence. She is called Sata-rupa,
the goddess of a hundred forms." Theosophical Glossary, p. 357

"Anahata Shabda" (Sk.) The mystic voices and sounds heard
by the Yogi at the incipient stage of his meditation. The third
of the four states of sound, otherwise called Madhyama--the
fourth state being when it is perceptible by the physical sense
of hearing. The sound in its previous stages is not heard except
by those who have developed their internal, highest spiritual
senses. The four stages are called respectively, Para, Pasyanti,
Madhyama and Vaikhari." T. Glos. p. 20-21

"...Aditi-Vach is the female Logos, or the "word," Verbum;
and Sephira in the Kabala is the same. These feminine Logoi are
all correlations, in their noumenal aspect, of Light, and Sound,
and Ether, showing how well-informed were the ancients both in
(432) physical science... and as to the birth of that science in
the Spiritual and Astral spheres....Vach is of four kinds...para,
pasyanti, madhyama, vaikhari...Vaikhari Vach is what we utter."
It is sound, speech, that again which becomes comprehensive and
objective to one of our physical senses and may be brought under
the laws of perception...(431 fn.) "...connects Vach and Sephira
with the goddess Kwan-Yin, the "merciful mother," the divine
VOICE of the soul ... and with the female aspect of
Kwan-Shai-yin, the Logos, the verbum of Creation, and at the same
time with the voice that speaks audibly to the Initiate... Bath
Kol, the filia Vocis, the daughter of the divine voice of the
Hebrews, responding from the mercy seat within the veil of the
temple is--a result." The reason why this Pranava is called Vach
is this, that these four principles of the great Kosmos
correspond to these four forms of Vach...The whole Kosmos in its
objective form is Vaikhari Vach; the light of the Logos is the
madhyama form; and the Logos itself the pasyanti form; while
Parabrahmam is the para (beyond the noumenon of all Noumena)
aspect of that Vach. (432 fn.)...Pranava, like Om, is a mystic
term pronounced by the Yogis during meditation; ..."Om, Bhur,
Bhuva, Swar" (Om, earth, sky, heaven)--Pranava is the most sacred
perhaps. They are pronounced with breath suppressed. But the
esoteric explanation goes a great deal further.) (see also
Trailokya, GLOS. 336)	S D I 431-434

1. "Vaikhari Vach (Sk.). That which is uttered; one of the
four forms of speech." GLOS. p. 358.

2. "Pashyanti (Sk.). The second of the four which
sound is divided according to its differentiation."	GLOS. p. 250.

3. "Madhyama (Sk.). Used of something beginningless and
endless. Thus Vach (Sound, the female Logos, or the female
counterpart of Brahma), is said to exist in several states, one
of which is that of Madhyama, which is equivalent to saying that
Vach is eternal in one sense: "the Word (Vach) was with God, and
in God," for the 2 are 1." [Ma is the 4th note of the Indian
musical scale. It is the 'balance' note of the 7.] GLOS. p.

4. "Para (Sk.). "Infinite" and "supreme" in philosophy--the
final limit. Param is the end and goal of existence; Parampara
is the boundary of boundaries."
GLOS. p. 248.

"(6.) Mantrika-Sakti The force of letters, speech or
music...The influence of melody is one of its ordinary
manifestations. The power of the ineffable name is the crown of
this Sakti. " S D I 293

"...the spoken word has a potency unknown to, unsuspected
and disbelieved in, by the modern "sages." Because sound and
rhythm are closely related to the 4 Elements of the Ancients;
and because such or another vibration in the air is sure to
awaken corresponding powers, union with which produces good or
bad results..."	SD I 307

"When our Soul (mind) creates or evokes a thought, the
representative sign of that thought is self-engraved upon the
astral fluid, which is the receptacle...and mirror of all the
manifestations of being.

The sign expresses the thing: the thing is the (hidden or
occult) virtue of the sign.

To pronounce a word is to evoke a thought...the magnetic potency
of the human speech is the commencement of every manifestation in
the Occult World. To utter a name...defines a Being [and]
places it or condemns it [ by the power of the the
influence of one or more Occult potencies.

The Word (speech) of every man is unconsciously to himself a
blessing or a curse; this is why our present ignorance of the
properties or attributes of the idea as well as about...matter is
often fatal to us."	-- P. Christian SD I 93-4

"Words are things...Use with care those living messengers called
words."	WQJ Letters That Have Helped Me, p. 11


"...Kwan-shai-Yin Bodhisattwa, the Voice-Deity, but in
reality meaning the voice of the ever-present latent divine
consciousness in man; the voice of his real Self, which can be
fully evoked and heard only through great moral purity...the
merciful Bodhisattwa, the "Voice" or the "Word" that is
universally diffused, the "Sound" which is eternal. It has the
same meaning as the Vach of the Brahmans...Kwan-yin is the
Vach-ishvara or Voice-Deity of the Brahmans. Both proceed from
the same origin as the Logos of the neo-platonic Greeks; the
"manifested deity" and its "voice" being found in man's Self, his
conscience; Self being the unseen Father, and the "voice of
Self" the Son; each being the relative and the correlative of
the other..."	HPB ART III 344


"But the music of nature has been everywhere the first step
to the music of art. This is a universal rule. But there are
different ways of following it. Our musical system is the
greatest art, ... if...avoiding all artificiality is art. We do
not allow in any of our melodies any sounds that cannot be
classified amongst the living voices of nature; whereas the
modern Chinese tendencies are quite different. The Chinese
system comprises eight chief tones, which serve as a tuning-fork
to all derivatives; which are accordingly classified under the
names of their generators. These eight sounds are: the notes
metal, stone, silk, bamboo, pumpkin, earthenware, leather and
wood...Of course, under these conditions they cannot produce any
melody; their music consists of an entangled series of separate
notes. Nature has no false and no artificial notes; and man,
the crown of creation, felt desirous of imitating her sounds. In
their multiplicity, all these sounds--according to the opinion of
some of your Western physicists--make only one tone, which we can
all hear, if we know how to listen, in the eternal rustle of the
foliage of big forests, in the murmur of water, in the roar of
the storming ocean, and even in the distant roll of a great city.
This tone is the middle F, the fundamental tone of nature. in
our melodies it serves as the starting point, which we embody in
the key-note, and around which are grouped all the other sounds.
Having noticed that every musical note has its typical
representative in the animal kingdom, our ancestors found out
that the seven chief tones correspond to the cries of the goat,
the peacock, the ox, the parrot, the frog, the tiger, and the
elephant. So the octave was discovered and founded."
Caves and Jungles of Hindoostan, H P B p. 284-5.


"IV. Round. Intellect has an enormous development in this
Round. The (hitherto) dumb races acquire our (present) human
speech on this globe, on which, from the Fourth Race, language is
perfected and knowledge increases. At this half-way point of the
Fourth Round (as of the Fourth Race, or Atlantean, race) humanity
passes the axial point of the minor Manvantara cycle...the world
teeming with the results of intellectual activity and spiritual
decrease...." [Language = use of sound] S D I 189


"Atoms are called "Vibrations" in occultism; also "Sound"--
collectively...Atoms fill the immensity of Space, and by their
own continuous vibration are Motion which keeps the wheels of
life perpetually going."	SD I 633


"That which propels towards, and forces evolution, i.e.,
compels the growth and development of Man towards perfection, is
(a) the Monad, or that which acts in it unconsciously through a
force inherent in itself; and (b) the lower astral body or the
personal Self...unless the higher Self or Ego gravitates towards
its Sun--the Monad--the lower Ego, or personal Self, will have
the upper hand in every case...with its fierce Selfishness and
animal desire to live a Senseless life (Tanha) which is the
"maker of the tabernacle."...Atman alone warms the inner
man...and alone is able to impart to the inner man, or the
reincarnating Ego, its is the Higher Ego, or
incarnating principle, the nous or Mind, which reigns over the
animal Ego, and rules it whenever it is not carried down by the
latter...Spirituality is on its ascending arc, and the animal or
physical impedes it from steadily progressing on the path of its
evolution only when the selfishness of the personality has so
strongly infected the real inner man with its lethal virus, that
the upward attraction has lost all its power on the thinking
reasonable man." S.D. II, p. 109-110


"Fohat, the constructive Force of Cosmic Electricity, is
said, metaphorically ... to have metamorphosed himself into a
male and a female, i.e., polarity, into positive and negative
electricity. He has seven sons who are his brothers; and Fohat
is forced to be born time after time whenever any two of his
son-brothers indulge in too close contact--whether an embrace or
a fight. To avoid this he binds together and unites those of
unlike nature and separates those of similar temperaments...The
Seven "Sons-brothers," however, represent and personify the seven
forms of Cosmic magnetism called in practical Occultism the
"Seven Radicals," whose co-operative and active progeny are,
among other energies, Electricity, Magnetism, Sound, Light, Heat,
Cohesion, etc. Occult Science defines all these as
Super-sensuous effects in their hidden behavior, and as objective
phenomena in the world of senses; the former requiring abnormal
faculties to perceive them--the latter, our ordinary physical
senses. They all pertain to, and are the emanations of still
more supersensuous spiritual qualities...belonging to real and
conscious Causes."	S D I 145

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