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Re: Theos-World Reg.Theosophy as a romantic form of scienticism

Oct 18, 2001 02:12 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> Frank: "Sylvia Cranston in her HPB bio
> unmasked the Coleman fraud"
> Can you scan these parts for us (the listmembers) pls.

Sorry, being very busy now. I think all serious HPB students will have that
standard book, which is in the 3rd ed. BTW, one can obtain a free copy (just
s/h to be paid) from the Blavatsky Net.

> Frank:"Western science and scienticism (bear Pietschmann and
> Carl F. von Weizsäcker in mind) is a travesty form of Theosophy."
> Can you clarify your toughts here ?

As I said. Both Pietschmann (Vienna) and Weizsäcker are very critical about
scienticism (partly what HPB called materialism) and they call for a
holistic view, or non-dualism - as Theosophy does. Therefore to me the
present science including its bastard scienticism is Theosophy simplified
and minus soul. So my view on science in relation to the Wisdom-Religion of
all ages is reversed to your view, that's all.

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