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RE: Theos-World Re: The Seven Theory

Oct 18, 2001 11:53 AM
by dalval14

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Dear Monica:

Everything, Theosophy teaches is, in the Universe, 7-fold:

The gradations are explained in both The SECRET DOCTRINE ( I
157, II 596 ) and in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB), pp. 91-2,
135-6, 175-6. It takes a bit of study to secure an understanding
of them, as our early education rarely gives us these gradations
as material for our thinking and consideration.

I think it would be a good idea to look these up for yourself and
assure yourself of the reason for their existence. They have
already been detailed a number of times These can be accessed
in the actual books or, "on-line" at BLAVATSKY NET.


Present: timelessly, universally, is the always awake
CONSCIOUSNESS -- the ABSOLUTE (it cannot be defined by any
finite mind) [ S D I 27 ] It IS and serves as the SOURCE of
EVERYTHING.. Time, Space, Motion Law and Cause are all emanations
from it, but it cannot be penetrated or described. IT IS.

NOTE: IT IS positively NOT a limited, formed or form-bound
"PERSONAL GOD." On might hazard a guess that it is the CAUSELESS
CAUSE, UNITY, ACTIVITY and WISDOM emanate or radiate from IT.
But that is about as far as a logical matter-encrusted Mind can
guess. Of it it has been said: " Man can approach the LIGHT, but
can never touch the FLAME."

Under universal KARMA, Manifestation begins again. [Karma is the
summation, in this case of the unfinished business of all
manifested beings when the last Pralaya (Night-time) set in and
all "went to sleep."

These emanate (wake-up) from the Pralayic sleep: [ This
"wake-up" is universally a change of state, from SLEEP and
unconsciousness, to: "awake" and the instantaneous and complete
restoration of individualized consciousness on the many planes of
substance, of a vast host of sleeping Units. Science visualizes
this as the "BIG BANG." ]

At first, in order of "descent" we have: The 3 foci of the

Next, In the planes of denser material substance we find the
7-fold characteristics of Evolution:

1	ATMA -- SPIRIT	immortal, universal, pure, source of all

2	BUDDHI -- WISDOM Accumulated wisdom of experience over
aeons. source of intuition and of the Voice of Conscience.
Universal Brotherhood idealism. Altruism, nobility.
Unselfishness, charity, concern for others, generosity, (also
called the HEART-DOCTRINE). Recognizes its Immortality and seeks
to employ its knowledge to assist others. Storage place through
Akasic records of all memories. Is in constant contact with all
other BUDDHIS everywhere. [see: "Suddha Sattva" T. Glos, 311]

NOTE: (ATMA-BUDDHI when conjoined in manifestation, are called
the MONAD, the Eternal Pilgrim.) In periods of Pralaya (or
non-manifestation they are in a laya (resting) condition,
awaiting the cycle of the re-birth of the period of manifestation
called Manvantara.

3	MANAS -- MIND	Thinking principle, Free, independent, able to
look into both the "spiritual" and the "Physical or material."
Seeks causes, motives, seeks to know and understand LAWS and
their operation. Reason, Intellectual, dispassionate, or
passionate. Stores Memory and also "forgets."

It is therefore divided into 3:

1. Spiritual-Mind (Buddhi-Manas) -- source of "virtue" and
seeks WISDOM
(commonly called the (INDIVIDUALITY)

2. pure Mental action ( as in Mathematics or logical pursuit of
LAWS ) Intellectual.

3. Desire-Mind or (passional / desire-mind) -- source of all
"vices." seeks to justify its selfish existence, even though
short-lived. Commonly called the "PERSONALITY" (or the "mask").

4	KAMA -- Passions and Desires -- the source of wild follies
and personal selfishness, isolationist and ignorant -- unable to
think and reason, in its "thirst for life" it seeks to bind Mind
to it, and thus plan its follies regardless of their final
outcome. Know of as "Kama-Manas" or "Lower Manas."

5.	PRANA (Breath of life) -- a principle that is closely related
to the physical longevity of any personality.

6.	ASTRAL BODY (or LINGA-SARIRA) The electro-magnetic lattice
work of forces that bind the physical atoms and molecules into
place to form the physical structures of our bodies, and,

7.	PHYSICAL BODY -- as said above, it consists of living
elemental beings on the astral plane who form the necessary foci
for the laying down of the opaque (yet constantly changing)
physical structure we all know of as "my body."

The physical body is the starting point for all independent
individual development Yes, the Buddha Gautama is the latest of
a long line of Buddhas. But there have been others before him,
and he refers to that.

The NIRMANAKAYA is the body of WISDOM. It is acquired by Those
who master all their principles and center their consciousness in
the 7th. ATMAN. As a Nirmanakaya they are living consciously a
we are told in all the 6 principles except the physical body.
When a Nirmanakaya incarnates then the 7-bodies DHYANI is

If one lays these out on a square with 7 spaces going
horizontally and vertically one can see how the various qualities
associated with those "principles" also form a part of every
other main category of principles. This is left to each student
to do, since in each case the mix is determined by the equation
of mind and desire in him/her.

Much more is to be said about this, but each student has to seek
and verify the accuracy of thee propositions for themselves.

Best wishes for a long and interesting life.



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> You mean is a nirmanakaya body a seven-fold item?


I only know of one instance in Theosophy where a being has
achieved a
nirmanakaya body. That is Gautama Buddha. Is it possible that
was able to master the Cosmic Physical Plane when he attained his
nirmanakaya body?


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