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RE: Theos-World The making of the Mahatma letters.

Oct 18, 2001 10:18 AM
by dalval14

Lets make the distinction plain between a MEDIUM who is
unconscious and a MEDIATOR or an ADEPT who is CONSCIOUS all the
time and not subject to the inconsistencies of the Psychic and
the Astral Plane.

In ISIS UNVEILED H.P.Blavatsky makes this distinction clear in
the 10 points of Psychology ISIS UNVEILED , Vol II. p. 587-590

Sinnett's opinions about the Mahatma Letters are his own

Let the Student go to them directly and see if therein he or she
can draw their REAL MEANING.

Why take the opinion of anyone when one can contact the ORIGINALS



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Subject: Theos-World The making of the Mahatma letters.

Tony: "but surely ultimately it was HPB who went to them?
How could it be otherwise?"

Sinnet claimed that Blavatsky was really like a medium that
channeled meaning she probably just channeled based on the many
she read (see "The Blavatskian Synthesis"
at; , plus
added the
rest from her counscious self, in other words similar (but not
"exactly" the same) as Alice Bailey and many others later did and
depending on the differrent channel, and the books they had read,
informtion had a different character/content, not unlike fiction
writers that are able to write lengthy tomes of continuous storys

Sinnet wrote about the Master letters:
"I may as well at once explain, what I only came to realise
myself in
the progress of later years, the true charakter of this
correspondence. The letters were not, in the beginning what I
them to be- letters actually written by the Master and then
by occult means either to Blavatsky or deposited or deposited
somewhere about the house where I should find them.- But for the
part , if not always, were dictations to a competent clairaudient
amanuensis and Madame Blavatsky was generally the amanuensis in
question." (A.P.Sinnet, The early days, p,27)

The content of the Judge Mahatma letters seems to have come
two spirit mediums Judge was using but it was probably Judge who
forged the mahatma script. He sent a whole letter to someone
over his
own signature and in the KH script just to show he could do it.
seems to have swiped what was left of Blavatsky's supply of
paper, that Blavatsky was used for the Mahatma letters,from her
when she died. Besant and Olcott did not go after Judge for
though, and Sinnett was doing the same thing. So were others.

Tony: That is why; "There are 100 of thousands of Fakirs,
and Saddhus leading the most pure lives, and yet being as they
are, on
the path of error, never having had an opportunity to meet, see
even hear of us."

The quote of Sinnet above would make it clear why.For details on
books at the basis of the "Mahatma" teachings and the Secret
see a new article on this link;

(1) For example theAlice Bailey, the I Am movement, Bridge to
Summit Lighthouse/Church Universal and Trimphant, and others
miscellaneous channelers that have appeared since Blavatsky.
though future messengers claimed to speak for the Theosophical
Masters, only Theosophical writers such as Leadbeater,
and Besant were endorsed.
In turn when Edna Ballard found out that her Philadelphia I Am
sanctuary members had defected to the newly founded Bridge to
activity from Geraldine Innocence, she stormed over to
the students had to make a choice. When they refused , Ballard
the sanctuay building's demolition.
Against Mark and Elisabeth Prophet Edna Balllard instituted the
practice of directing "Blasting" decrees against the upstart
Prophet's staff in turn shot back smashing and blasting decrees
their own. The Ballards dictated that they would be the only
messengers until the Ascended Masters appeared physically: "Those
say they are getting dictations from the Ascended Masters are
not telling the truth and are under the control of psychic
forces."(Ballard as Beloved Mighty Victory, 23 Feb. 1958)
After the Summit Lighthouse was founded. "The Bridge to Freedom
Journal" warned its faithful to beware of fraudulant
of El Morya meaning Mark Prophet. On the other hand, Geraldine
Innocente cried foul when Edna Ballard said Innocente was a
Mark Prophet dangled a major prize to potential Lighouse and I Am
members: "For this new activity shall bring the greatest release
freedom since the days of the former Golden Ages. No longer shall
Ascension be solitary releases from Earth- for there shall be
Ascensions." (M.Prophet as El Morya, "Pearls" vol.1 no. 1)
Earlier already Leadbeater as a secret group within the TS had
the still existing (as do all groups mentioned here still exist
"Egyptian Rite of the Ancient Mysteries" to provide guaranteed
membership of the Great White Brotherhood, similar to the way he
earlier trained Krishnamurti.
When Edna Ballard died, Mark Prophet bursted into a public
service to
announce that Mama Ballard had just appeared to him in the
hallway of
La Tourelle (Summit's headquarters in Colorado Springs), letting
know she approved (finally) of his and Elisabeth's messengership.
Where's the proof that the Masters exist?
Apologists point to a few letters in the British Museum
written and precipitated by the Masters during the 1800s during
Theosophy's heyday. Wouldn't logical explanation be that the
paper and
ink were put there by people using ordinary writing implements?
proof do we have that there is anything supernatural in their
We only have the testimony of the letter's recipient. Each had an
agenda. Each had a reason to believe. Certainly there are enough
mundane explanations that we don't need fanciful tales to explain
Students of the Masters become very egocentric. The world is full
signs and portents, they become imbued with a sense of extreme
self-importance. Thoughtful review will show that feelings,
and belief of realness do not automatically grant autenticity to


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