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THEOSOPHY: Is it or Isn't it ?

Oct 18, 2001 09:59 AM
by Nisk98114

Coversion techniques have been going on for some time (at least 2000 years or 
so and even farther back if one considers the idea of "showing" someone a 
better way)
But it has gone on far too long in this students opinion and is becoming an 
evil (once a good thing) and pervasive aroma in the religious communities and 
we all seem to succumb to it these days knowingly or unknowingly in some 
form.Aaaaand if we remember our theosophical definition of religion was "to 
bind back" then surely we must "bind" this back or else.

| Analogy (You used a Tree, I use a Diamond )
|Theosophy and a Diamond: Lets look at an analogy so that I can
|hope you will grasp and secure the meaning of what I wrote:
|If I show you a diamond under strong light, and with 
|instruments, you will see its facets and part way into the 
|stone. It is then your memory and opinion concerning it that 
|you will store and may transmit to me or to others. For the 
|physical plane we have a group of converging similarities Is 
|this not similar to your "tree" analogy ?
|But if we get into the study of mans psychology, his feelings, 
|desires, ambitions, defenses, thoughts, aspirations, we seem 
|to flounder in a welter of opinions concerning which there is 
|inadequate information until we come to use the 7-fold 
|division into "principles" of Man and Nature. Then things get 
|related and seem to make better sense.
|I would call the inner (invisible and intangible planes) 
|concepts, ideas, and would give them the dubious value of my 
|personal opinion. Now, if I can link my opinion with many 
|similar opinions and if I can determine that the basis for 
|those views is similar, then perhaps, I have a chance of 
|saying: "There appears to be a Law operating.":
|I am of the opinion that Theosophy comes under the second 
|heading. It is well out of the realm of personal opinion.
|Theosophy does claim to be an expression recorded since the 
|beginning of manifestation of the processes used in Nature for 
|that development. It also claims to outline the basic laws 
|under which these changes take place -- their basis, cause, 
|sequence and the various intermediate results achieved -- up 
|to now. I think the evidence that H.P.Blavatsky has offered 
|in ISIS UNVEILED and The SECRET DOCTRINE (not to mention her 
|numerous articles and letters) is about as voluminous as is 
|necessary to at least demonstrate their presence. Now how are 
|these to be organized?
|As to other planes, we need to either visit them or study 
|reports on them and objects or experiences there. On that 
|basis we again form our opinions and give them a measure of 
|verity, or caution as to a too close identification.
|No one becomes a "final authority." All have opinions to 
|compare. How will a newcomer look at these if they are 
|interested? Will they seek the irresponsibility of adopting 
|another's opinion? Will they stand on their own feet and 
|research? Have they the patience to seek for truth?
|In my analogy: The Diamond remains unaffected and can be viewed
|by others.
|Each frames their own opinion and gives it a degree of 
|validity according to their knowledge, experience and 
|credence. No, two see exactly the same thing. It is better 
|to say "something there, and it looks like....." and let the 
|others go and study and frame their own views.
|Theosophy as you will have noticed presents a coherency. By 
|all means challenge it. But do not (as you wisely say) accept 
|as fact any description that might include an erroneous opinion.
|The matter of practicing any aphorism or virtue depends on the 
|user. Doesn't it ?
|If Theosophy is
|1. an expression of the ancient history of the development
|of worlds (as classes for experience and progress) and,
|2. if it is also a description (as in a Text) of the
|experiences and research of ancient and perhaps wiser students 
|than we are at present, what is the objection?
|Theosophy does not expect to make converts. The students and 
|exponents of theosophy (like myself) offer its tents and 
|doctrines for study and critical review (as you so kindly provide).
|It does expect that those who approach it will do so as 
|critically as you do, but without prejudice or pre-formed 
|opinions. This does not mean criticism is not accepted, 
|analyzed discussed. It ought to be, The basis from which 
|divergent views arise ought to be discovered.
|No matter what School or discipline (or none) a student may 
|use, he will build his own inevitable understanding on at least two
|1. Reports on past experiment and experience,
|2. His own work of study and verification, and, he may end
|up breaking new ground.
|Now this kind of approach is useful if we can agree that 
|NATURE works under rules and laws of her own, and if our study 
|also reveals that life under such a TUTOR leads to cooperation.
|If we desire to remain isolated, then what will be the manner 
|of securing the sustenance for body, soul and spirit ?
|The environment still provides the greatest skeptic with a 
|cooperative and inter-active environment. But, why should it 
|if it is rejected ? That is a puzzle, and seems to be 
|reconciled by the proposition that the ONE SPIRIT envelops and 
|supports all, also, that the purpose of life is to learn, and 
|the Universe exists for the educational progress of all "Mind/Souls."
|All students will eventually have to frame their own texts and 
|alter their personal opinions into certainty. I don't think 
|this can be denied to them.
|Best wishes,

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