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Theosophy and dreams of dreams

Oct 18, 2001 08:35 AM
by bri_mue

Jerry: "The teaching of planes of causes and planes of effects is 
esoteric and very relative, and to jump to the conclusion that such 
planes exist as such in reality is a wrong interpretation. If such a 
plane actually existed, then manifestation, an effect, would not be 
maya, it would be reality."

I can relate to that, it's a bit like trying to devide a relative 
distance, in this case as a methaphor for counsciousness, you can 
devide it in 3, 4 ,7,9,12, you name it, differrent devisions, or 
"planes of counsciousness", yet it still remains the same watever.

But this type of relativity comes also to call on you regarding an 
individualised belief about "The Masters". Exemplified by the idea of 
"If I see a tree, and you see a tree, and 100 other people see a 
tree, does that "prove" that a tree exists?", and the history of all 
these white brotherhood (I think at least a 100 or more) groups that 
all believe in Masters, ascended or not. Or others that believe in 
spirit guides,guides, their own Higher self,various beings of light, 
deceased humans, angels and archangels a personilised God (of their 
own choosing), and you name it. Since we live in an alive universe of 
course it will give us answers if we ask, why not.
No need to whait till you "dream", or "astral project", a favorite 
past time of the Theosophical Society in its original form by the way. 
(J.P. Deveney, Astral Projection or liberation of the Double and the 
Work of the Early Theosophical Society.,1997. ), and was basicly is 
done by means of visualisation.
Tibetan buddhist for example have this practice of "waking up in the 
dream", where one asks in the daytime "am I dreaming or not", till 
you finally start asking that in your dreams, and find out that even 
dreams are dreams. 


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