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Re: Re: Re: God's will ????

Oct 18, 2001 02:57 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Etzion,

Well, your definition of God is quite original. If we are
god together, and together we want something quite foolish,
would that mean that a mahatma would support that?

> From: Etzion Becker <>
> *God* is a man made phrase. My view (at least for today,
> tomorrow is another
> day), that *God* is who we are collectively. At this
> Earthly phase of
> action, we can experience *Godhood* only if we would
> function together with
> perfect accord. Just imagine a team of workers building a
> house easily and
> smoothly, without the usuall screams, without tensions,
> without greed. With
> loving smiles, building it not in order to gain comforts
> and profit, but for
> those who need it. Such a crew (quite utopian, I bet),
> would experience
> COLLECTIVELY a higher state of consciousness. If the
> entire humankind would
> be able to function with complete harmony, they would
> have the COLLECTIVE
> experience of one *Lord*, or what we also call a Perfect
> Master. Such one
> person is equal to entire humankind, consciousness wise.
Well, if we ever get to that - it certainly won't be fast,
I am afraid. 
> What you can gather
> from this, is that this state is to be experienced, not
> theorized. The
> various true *mystical* schools of wisdom have been
> attempting to train
> their pupils along these lines. Moses tried to train an
> entire nation to
> function along these lines, of forming the heavenly
> Circles back on Earth;
And perhaps the TS was also meant that way?
> Jesus tried to teach His disciples how to form a sacred
> Circle. Etc. Inspite
> of the collective failure on the part of humankind to
> follow the easy ways
> of the Gods, and choosing what you see now on Earth,
> which is the deliberate
> decision of humankind, the *Gods* who achieved this state
> of perfection
> nevertheless, helping us to gain this state inspite of
> our rebellions. All
> best wishes. Etzion

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