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Re: Theos-World Theosophy as a romantic form of scienticism

Oct 17, 2001 05:28 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> thinking. And I don't see any evidence in Blavatsky's Isis and SD
> about unknown backers, wich is the claim among theosophists, other
> then that she plagiarized parts from books that could be obtained in
> any larger library that time , and of wich most of them she had in her
> possession, plus her own ingenuity, and of course the help of many of
> her students and co workers. Just like other religious reformers like
> Mary Baker Eddy or Joseph Smith, have done.

Brigitte, HPB's book are, as all true holy books, just a mirror. You cannot
view other things in them as you put before them.
The fact that you until now haven't find anything of higher knowledge in
that serves as a proof to you about the claim that the Wisdom-Religion is
original system and the mother of all religions and sciences does not proof
that it there is actually nothing of it in them. You can only proof that YOU
can't find it.

And the fact that the Eddy's and the Smith's remodeled existing systems does
not proof that HPB invented "her" teachings (they belong to the whole

And the fact that she quoted many books is no proof that she plagiarized
them. Had she not given the quotes as a proof that the Wisdom-Religion
existed in all ages you would today say that there are no such proofs.

Please specify your statement that she plagiarized all from known books.
Which are these books? Authors, titles? And in which libraries they were to
be found in HPB's time? Don't you know that Sylvia Cranston in her HPB bio
unmasked the Coleman fraud?
Furthermore, how do you explain HPB's predictions of specific events like
her quotes from an article which was not written at her time and was printed
only a year after her quote?

Re your disbelief in the Masters and Adepts: Ever heard that the Brahmans
and Northern Buddhists as well as the Christian Gnostics ("the community of
the Holies") and Plato believe/d in this holy men, too?
How can HPB invent them when many generations of students believed in them?
Do you argue that they do not exist, just because YOU never met anyone?
Do you believe that the Dalai Lama actually exist? Or is he a computer

> My current position (to wich I like to see related feedback) is that
> I see theosophy as a romantic form of scienticism, and a worldview

My position is that Western science and scienticism (bear Pietschmann and
Carl F. von Weizsäcker in mind) is a travesty form of Theosophy.

You will never find the proofs you are longing for in the kingdom of the
But when you take a magic carpet and fly to the heavens you'll find the open
But at first you have to conquer the 40 thiefs. Only the ALI Baba will find
the gold.
I for one believe that one can find at a mundane University 40 thiefs, but I
doubt that a magic carpet or the heavens can be found there.
Please think this over.

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