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Re: Link and Krishnamurti

Oct 15, 2001 02:04 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Brigitte,

I am glad to see that you are adding new material to your
site. This article on J. Krishnamurti asks for a few
comments IMO. 

For instance when Brendan French says:
>> Krishnamurti's reluctance to engage in ritualism (aside
from the greater problem: his disavowal of Theosophy)
conspired against Leadbeater's notion that causative
theurgy could create a Master. >>
It is funny to note that HPB herself also did not like

French also says:
>> The demiurgical powers which Leadbeater arrogated unto
himself were nowhere better displayed than in his promotion
of Krishnamurti. The young Brahmin was his magical tabula
rasa, upon whom he could imprint his magical power, and,
through ritual and initiation, cleanse of all impurity (and
indigenousness) and elevate into the high echelons of the
Leadbeater chose J. Krishnamurti for his inner purity.
Theosophically speaking it is rather strange that
Leadbeater, who was obviously no Mahatma, thought himself
pure enough to clean somebody else (indeed a paradox) to be
clear enough to be able to let in the Maitreya. How can one
clean with an unclean (relatively speaking) brush? 

At the end of the article French quotes Ernest Wood who
says the following:
>> [Leadbeater] was running an occult beauty parlour. The
auras may have come to look prettier to the clairvoyant
eye, but it appeared to me that the people specially
cultivated by him lacked in essential qualities of
character as compared with others whom I knew, and that the
atmosphere of his community encouraged the lack. He was
painting dolls.>>
This reminds me of a dutch TS-lodge (TS-Adyar) that has a
medium (how about that for a change! I don't approve of
mediums, but I do like the fact that this gives a bit more
diversity in the TS-Adyar) which tells the members how to
grow spiritually/psychologically. However much such a
medium may help people to deal with their current problems,
it does not help them to do what is esoterically (according
to HPB and the Mahatmas) far more important: stand on their
own two feet. Leadbeaters "painting dolls" is like that too
I think. People relied on him to clean them. And even if
that helped in the short run, in the long run it only made
them dependent on him, instead of on themselves. 


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