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REWRITE:Man has a soul?

Oct 14, 2001 06:00 AM
by Nisk98114

Thread of discussion

That things can become literal we are quite aware insomuch as that at one 
time not too long ago ,scientists tried to weigh a person while alive and 
then weigh them after they had died to see if there was any change in 
weight(true story) thus it was hoped that a soul had left the body would be 
All this revolved around the proposition that man has a soul.
That man is a soul was really taken for granted (one presumes ) back in the 
times of Christ.
Several parables speak of the relationships of mind , body and spirit back 
One such is:
Wretched is the body
Dependant upon the body,
And wretched is the soul
Dependant upon them both.
Jesus said:
Woe to the flesh
That is dependent upon the Soul,
And woe to the Soul that is 
Dependent upon the Flesh.
These statements by a venerable master seem to point to an understanding and 
wisdom that included the fact of man being a Soul.
The word Soul today presumably not having the profound impact as a word as 
it did in those days yet do we not "remember" somehow?
Those parables seem to set a golden frame around the "picture" of Atma 
-Buddhi-manas as the "Saviour" of the monad. (find out the relationship 
between monad and Soul in our Theosophical writings.)
Are there some others on the list that can point this out?
And it seems we are approaching a holiday that seems to bring out the word 
as in all hallowed souls or Halloween.
Supposedly a time for remembering all the near and dear who had passed on 
during the past year , and originally celebrated by GIVING cookies or bread 
treats to those who had lost loved ones in one's town or village and 
having the children dress in "Astral" vsion make-up.
To represent the soul 's vision of that "shadowy" realm by outward expression 
was part of the ancient celebration of that holiday.

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