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Oct 13, 2001 06:16 AM
by nos

QUESTION: Finally, you've been very critical of the United States for
decades -- everything it does, certainly in foreign policy, you seem to
think is wrong. Do you actually like America? Or, I mean, are there
aspects of the country that you appreciate and admire?

CHOMSKY: And I say it all the time. It's the most free country in the
world. It's probably the most democratic country in the world. I just
mentioned a few moments ago that it's one of the very few countries
where it's free enough to gain access to internal records. These are all
wonderful things. And furthermore, there's good reason why I'm talking
about the United States, two reasons. One reason is, it's the most
powerful country in the world, therefore it's the most important country
to talk about. Second is, I happen to be here. There's an elementary
moral truism -- so elementary, it's embarrassing to repeat it -- you're
primarily responsible for the consequences of your own actions. It's
fine if you want to criticize someone else, okay? It has no moral
quality. You're responsible for what you do. And in a country that's
relatively free the actions of that country are your responsibility. So,
naturally, I concentrate on it.

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