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RE: Where are the Masters?

Oct 12, 2001 10:32 AM
by dalval14

Dear Jerry:

I do not think that “purity” can be judged by us at our present state of
being -- yet, as an idea it exists.

I don’t think we are able to judge the work done by the Great Lodge, whose
members may be in or our of incarnation, and none of us knows their numbers
or their duties.

I leave the conclusions to those who trust in Karma which is the integrity
of Nature as a whole. -- that at least is perfectly evident everywhere.

One of our problems is we recognize the real of law and laws in the Universe
in the firmament and in nature among the elements and their compounds -- so
why deny it to humankind in regard to their psychic spiritual and emotional
natures ? There is ample evidence for this and it is continually being
added to.

At least, scientifically examined, we have in the last week more evidence of
the minute exactitude of Nature’s Laws operating on the level of the atomic
and sub-atomic. For this work, the Nobel prize has been given to Drs.
Ketterle of MIT, and Cornell of the NIS & T. and Wieman of the U. of

“At extremely low temperatures, the atoms making up a gas begin to act asif
they were waves, rather than particles, following the rules of quantum
physics….they form a new state of matter, in which they are so coordinated
they cannot be distinguished as individual atoms…The achievement is to
matter what the laser beam is to light, to direct and control … This almost
magical state of matter had been predicted in 1924 by Einstein based on a
suggestion by Dr. S. N. Bose…”It represents the ultimate degree of control
we can exercise over matter “-- Dr. D. Clark NIST etc.. etc… Los Angeles
Times, Wed. Oct,. 10 2001. p. A18.

Best wishes,



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DALLAS wrote: <<<<What I mean is. If the members (of the THEOSOPHICAL
SOCIETY, or of any organization that hopes to draw Masters’attention)
actually apply and practice UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD without any fault, then,
then they will be united, generous, gracious, assisting all others, and
practicing benevolence. They will make the world welcome at their door and
have no restrictions or any specific barriers.>>>>>>
I thought that the nature of our k/Karmic s/Self-related involvements might
generally have something to do with the kind of people/issues we might find
ourselves involved with. That is, for example, if I had "no faults" of any
kind in terms of "Universal Brotherhood" (at least "comparatively
speaking"?) I might be chumming around with, say, the Dhyan Chohan's, or
something like that . . . ? As it is, I suppose I might have a few more
"Brotherhood faults" in need of fixing, apparently, possibly . . .
JERRY: It is karmic, yes. Can anyone name a single human being who is
without faults? If the statement made by Dallas was true, then the Masters
would be helping the Red Cross, CARE, UNESCO, and many other organizations
whose sole duty is helping others. But there is another side of the coin
needed - wisdom. Wisdom and compassion must go together because either by
itself produces a lopsided Path.
The White Lodge has a few incarnated members at any time, but most are
discarnate, and work on the inner planes (Blavatsky calls them nirmanakayas,
which is not the definition of that word as understood by Buddhists, but by
whatever name, they do exist). These are offering help in the form of good
advice, uplifted thoughts, spiritual inspirations, and so on, all the time,
and all we need do is listen. These members send out the Voice of the
Silence, which we usually ignore, but it is all around us and we can listen
to it at any time.
Jerry S.

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