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RE: Theos-World TB : Oxymoron...

Oct 09, 2001 07:45 PM
by nos

If you contact me privately I'll tell you. Anyoone that has contacted me
privately - and there's a few on this list - knows my name. 

And as to your once again mis-aimed comparison of US and Terrorists
please read the following articles in entirity (that mean's all of


Names only stigmatize

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|Sent: Wednesday, 10 October 2001 12:03 PM
|Subject: Re: Theos-World TB : Oxymoron...
|nos wrote:
|> Anyway - I think the one thing missing from theosophy of is humour...
|> Chucks's got a bit...only a bit mind you ;)
|	Chuck does not hide his identity. You do. Kind of like 
|the difference between the United States and terrorists.
|	Bart Lidofsky
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