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Re: Theos-World Memories of Past Lives

Oct 09, 2001 07:40 AM
by Etzion Becker

No doubt the ancients built magnificent, three dimensional structures, hence
we live in a three domensional world, but for whatever reason, they didn't
portray this in their two-dimensional arts. I have no idea how they prepared
their blue prints, I guess as our architects often do, providing cuts from
all sides. It might be interesting to find ancient documents which portray
3D, but I don't remember seeing this. Etzion

> Tuesday, October 09, 2001
> Dear Friends:
> Re: Art and Perspectives:
> I believe that evidence of ancient engineering can be found in
> projects of building and hydro-culture all over the world. Some
> evidence beneath the ocean seems to show that the ancient
> builders had to be familiar with perspective as a tool used in
> designing their works.
> In engineering the representation of a future project had to be
> visualized -- usually by sketches and renderings that conveyed a
> concept of what a finished project would look like. Engineering
> drawings would have to use geometrical perspective as a guide.
> Its use in art is another matter, and we seem to have a very
> short time list of art depictions to refer to -- perhaps most are
> only up to 5,000 years ago.
> But when we move to consider antique engineering works of great
> magnitude, then the time scale may expand to several hundreds of
> thousands, if not millions of years. Both ISIS UNVEILED and The
> SECRET DOCTRINE catalog a number of these.
> In the orient the rice paddies and the great river basins that
> have been irrigated in the remote past attest to the use of
> perspective to coordinate their building. In the forests of the
> Amazon satellite surveys have discovered that much of that huge
> basin shows signs of being cultivated and hydro-irrigated -- much
> as are the paddies of Thailand, or China, or the Philippines and
> India were.
> Cyclopean and other ancient buildings of Atlanto-Lemurian
> building are still found in the Mediterranean basin, and Pyramids
> dot the surface of the earth to an amazing extent. One can see
> them in Egypt, Turkey, China, Cambodia, North, Central and South
> America, Africa, and many are reputed to have been submerged at
> the time of the several cataclysms, earth plate submergences,
> floods and deluges that destroyed Atlantis over the past million
> years. [ Se details in SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. II and in ISIS
> It is perfectly true that one can trace the evolution of
> perspective in art as described, but that does not imply an
> ignorance of the art in antiquity.
> We can only say we have few if any evidences of truly ancient
> art, architecture and sculpture that seem to use our present
> criteria of geometrical perspective. It does not mean that did
> not exist.
> Best wishes,
> Dallas

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