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RE: Independent Entities

Oct 05, 2001 05:38 PM
by dalval14

Friday, October 05, 2001

Dear Jerry:

If and when a "mystical experience" is my fate (karma), then I
want to be the master of that experience, understand and guide
it, and not be a subject to such a condition. I have (because of
inexperience) a mistrust of allowing my instrument to become the
subject of another (manifest or non-manifest). There is a vast
difference, as I see it.

I have read and studied reports on such experiences, and would
rather not become subject to any such, until I am sure that I can
master the impact that comes in on a psychic level of "feeling".
I would far rather have a knowledge of the potentialities
involved and of my own strengths and weaknesses as an EGO. I am
in no hurry and am not curious. I am sure that I will be living
many life-times, so there is ample time for such events (if they
come to me) to manifest. At that time I will decide what to do.
But, I am the one who will do the deciding.

I am quire sure that I am a PART of the WHOLE. But I am also
aware that there is an aspect of myself that is ignorant and
supposed to become wise. I do not view either rashness or
curiosity as an essential to my living. As I watch our society
unroll before and around us I can see where some open themselves
to the influence of alcohol, or drugs. They are putting
themselves out of control by using an intervening buffer of some
kind. They do not CONTROL their altered state, they are
controlled by its influence, until such time as the body ejects
that disturbance and controlling medium.

Then the "altered state" is reviewed in terms of our very
fragmentary memories. and mainly if terms of the psychic - we
LIKED it or we did not LIKE it. In fact one might say that the
MIND has been excluded and preempted. it is no longer the
controller in such conditions. [Of course under hypnosis, a far
more detailed memory can be evoked of the experiences.] But the
condition of hypnosis is again one where an outside influence
controls. The kind of control I wish for myself is that which
consciously is able to us the tools opened by "hypnotism" for
conscious use -- if this is a good description of the condition
that would be acceptable to me. If this is accurate, then I
would be able to perceive the essentials of an "altered state"
before I ever went into it. -- and the necessity for this kind of
experience might be entirely obviated.]

I consider that this ability to know, that places my
consciousness apart from the vehicle I use (that has this
ignorance) is a real asset we all have. (In this case I presume
it is my bodily brain, and its ability to invoke to its aid its
built-in abilities -- to reason and at least intellectually
penetrate into the basic logic and core of any subject or

I presume, apart from being "independently dependent," that all
Minds have this ability, and can exercise and develop it,
providing they realize that they are not dependent.

Provided they realize that inwardly, at the core of their being,
they have the same abilities (in embryo, perhaps) of the HIGHEST.
After all to be an immortal is no small situation, as time (as we
measure it in these perishable bodies of ours) is not a factor in
our continuous development.

To be in concept "a Ray" of the All:" does not in any way abase
me. Nor does it elevate me to any extent above or beyond my
companions. However I am sure it demands of me that I verify and
prove the validity (or not) of these concepts.

One of the concepts that has always interested me is the one that
states that the "Highest" ALWAYS INCARNATES in the lowest -- NOT
FOR ITS BENEFIT, but for the enlightenment of the "lower" and
less experienced Skandhas, (Monads, Aggregates ) which provide
it with a vehicle. It serves as a kind of magnet to which they

It is in ITS company that they experience Its WISDOM and PURITY.
It is the basis for Universal Brotherhood.

I am also sure that there is wisdom that is universal (and no
one's property), and, in living, there is experience, a field of
multiple experiences, available when necessary for me to secure
and to use.

This Is I believe the pathway of all learning. Also this is a
very knife edge of choice: to be one of many, or to isolate ones
self. As I see it the UNIVERSE exemplifies the concept of being
ONE OF MANY, and the innumerable divisions caused by the process
of differentiation and manifestation enables all aspects of LIFE
everywhere to pass through experiences that lead to the
Perception of UNITY in DIVERSITY. The great danger is to allow
ones "Lower Self" to believe it is unique and is somehow worthy
of being an object of adoration to others who may not have
achieved its intellectual eminence.

The thing to be learned precedes that effort that an individual
may make to secure a knowledge of the rule, processes and
potential success (for a while). It is not unique, but only part
of a group of similar experiences and actions and choices made by
independently dependent entities. (Human minds ?)

The rules (Karma) whereby it comes into existence, precede its
being Perceived. The RULES preexist. Hence there is a universal
RECORD of experience and the eternal balancing between cause and

This demands an Organizer, or a Process of impersonal
organization (Karma) which weighs all factors and balances all of
these so that the karma of an individual is enabled.

And that is about as far as I can go on this theme for the

Does it make any sense ?



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Subject: Independent Entities

<<<All this goes to show that we are independent entities: >>>


Dallas, so long as anyone holds this belief, just so long will
they continue to wander in the mayavic worlds of mortality. The
belief in a permanent and separate and independent individual
self is the very glue that holds maya together. I am quite sure
that when you one day have a mystical experience yourself and
directly experience the unconditional oneness of the universe,
you will realize the falseness of your sentence above.

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