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RE: Theos-World Who said this....

Oct 05, 2001 04:42 AM
by Peter Merriott

>Theos-World Who said this....
> 'The wise of this world know that there is a law of cause and effect.'
> When referring to the WTC911 tragedy?


I don't know who said that, but here are some relevant passages from HPB's
Key to Theosophy which may be worth pondering.

"We describe Karma as that Law of re-adjustment which ever tends to restore
disturbed equilibrium in the physical, and broken harmony in the moral
world. We say that Karma does not act in this or that particular way always;
but that it always does act so as to restore Harmony and preserve the
balance of equilibrium, in virtue of which the Universe exists."

"THEOSOPHIST. We call them Karmic laws; but you will not understand the full
meaning of the term unless you study Occultism. . . . . in true philosophy
every physical action has its moral and everlasting effect. Hurt a man by
doing him bodily harm; you may think that his pain and suffering cannot
spread by any means to his neighbors, least of all to men of other nations.
We affirm that it will, in good time. Therefore, we say, that unless every
man is brought to understand and accept as an axiomatic truth that by
wronging one man we wrong not only ourselves but the whole of humanity in
the long run, no brotherly feelings such as preached by all the great
Reformers, pre-eminently by Buddha and Jesus, are possible on earth."

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