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Oct 05, 2001 03:23 AM
by nos

What's the deal with Wagner's music and 'jewish factions' ? Forgiver my
ignorance but all I know of his work is that Tolkien based Lord of the
Rings around elements of his Ring Cycle? 



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Music speaks to all on many different levels.The post on music 
was from a 
"mainstream" journal which could be considered quite 
interesting from the 
standpoint of considering words spoken in a different place and 
music that 
was played in another place up to this point in time would 
probably not have 
even been considered 20 or 30 years ago and put together to make an 
"epiphany" for the writer of that article and that a certain 
progress is 
being made on the whole to recognize similarities of vibration 
in our mayavic 
world is a real step up from the standpoint of evolving 
conciousness., and 
yes , Bill your selection from the standpoint of inspiration 
was well taken 
and so was Chuck's (heretic , that he is).
Obviously Richard Wagner can not be "stomached" by some Jewish 
factions and 
others walked out on the Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky when 
it was first 
performed in the 20's and now utilized by Walt Disney in their Fantasia 
series(for children no less) as a matter of course and still 
others shelved 
J. S. Bach's works for over 50 years and the same could be said 
for Gustav 
So , as was stated what is necessary for the Soul will be known 
in the Soul's 
own sweet time and the Soul's own sweet place.
"Mark the music" as Shakespeare said holds very true today as 
it did when he 
penned that phrase.
What was "ugly" yesterday may be "beautiful "tomorrow.
Anyone for polka music?
)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))article below v
Relevant Music 

On Steve Rowland's monumental John Coltrane radio documentary 
being aired on 
NPR stations, "Tell Me How Long Trane's Been Gone," there's an 
segment about "Alabama." Trane wrote the composition in 1963, 
as a reaction 
to a racist church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama that killed 
four precious 
young girls.
To put to the test the long standing rumor that Coltrane 
patterned his melody 
after the cadence of Martin Luther King's moving eulogy, 
Rowland superimposed 
the Coltrane composition and the results were rather startling. 
Hearing the 
music on top of King's speech, and how perfectly in tune 
Trane's tenor was 
with King's voice, it's obvious just how deeply Trane was 
indeed touched and 
inspired by King's words, which spoke of the incident being 
"the greatest 
tragedy of our time." Even more amazing is just how moving and 
Coltrane's playing is on this track. Talk about heartfelt 
emotion. Talk about 
depth of feeling. Coltrane's music was of its time, and the 
fervor of the 
sixties informed everything he did in his last seven years. 

In fact, there were a number of artists back then who wrote 
music, sometimes 
with words, and sometimes without, that was informed by the 
times. Music that 
spoke to the issues that were at the forefront of our culture 

When was the last time you heard a performance, or a recording, 
that spoke to 
any issue at all? (Writer of article's question)
BTW the above was taken from a larger tract.

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