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Another avenue...

Oct 04, 2001 09:42 AM
by DNisk98114
<A HREF="";>Re-cycle</A>

I encourage you
to consider doing the same with your used media. Thank you.

According to GreenDisk's Web site, "The media is magnetically
erased, fully inspected and evaluated. The disks and CDs are then
disassembled and the plastic and metal components are recycled to
make new disks and other items. The tapes are de-labeled,
cleaned, packaged and resold." As of GreenDisk's second
anniversary, it reports it has recycled nearly 20 million pounds
of software materials and over 20 million diskettes. Furthermore,
GreenDisk says it recycles or reuses over 99.5% of the materials
it receives for recycling. According to David Beschen, President,
"We degauss magnetic media at a level that's four times stronger
than the Department of Defense requirement. Our primary concern
is protection of corporate and individual intellectual property."
Upon receipt of your shipment, an authorized GreenDisk staff
member signs a Certificate of Destruction that states, "This
certifies that all materials received by GreenDisk Services on
[date] have been recycled in an environmentally sound and secure
manner and the intellectual property contained on the disks, CDs
or tapes has been destroyed."

Beschen says, "We in the U.S. have been conscientious about how
we recycle paper and similar products. At GreenDisk we think it's
important to make it 'free and easy' for folks to recycle
computer media too. It's also important to have recyclers deliver
something back, as we do with our existing recycled diskette and
CD-R disk products." For more details about GreenDisk, see above link.

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