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RE: Theos-World Fw: [nadervt] Warning: The present condition of the U.S.

Oct 02, 2001 09:26 PM
by nos

If only we could all live in such a simple world.

Why didn't the world do anything about this repression to women BEFORE

Why hasn't the US/UN done anything about the repression and OVER 1

Can I ask what degree you are studying Officer Jenny?


Negative observations silenced

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nos wrote:

> So what - it's ok to hate as long as you choose the right enemy?

Of course we can have no enemies and hate no-one.

We can also have a totalitarian movement, who are tribalists of 
a medieval brutality succeed, and impose their vision of utopia on us.

They forbid women to have an education, health care, work, or 
to walk on the streets unless completely covered by a face-mask 
and a tent. They bury a woman suspected of adultery up to her 
shoulders before stoning her to death. They kill suspected 
homosexuals by collapsing walls on them. They have driven 
millions of desperate fellow Afghans into exile, and leave the 
remainder to face destitution, and starvation. Religious 
freedom, social mobility, tolerance, the guarantee of rights 
and liberties in law, are all unheard of.

The left, who were happy to have left millions to the mercy of 
Communism and the gulags, may also be happy to leave millions 
at the mercy of this kind of Islamist terror - lining up as 
usual on the side of oppression and lies.

As Chris Weinkopf of the NY Daily News has noted, moral 
equivalence is rooted in a kind of moral stupidity (or moral 
denial) - it's the inability or refusal to ever make 
distinctions between the genuinely good, the merely unpleasant, 
and the patently evil.


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