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Re: Theos-World Fw: [nadervt] Warning: The present condition of the U.S.

Oct 02, 2001 07:48 PM
by Bill Meredith

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> Subject: Theos-World Fw: [nadervt] Warning: The present condition of the
> Date: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 8:11 PM
> In September, over 6,000 Americans were lost
> when the biggest and best funded military in world history was defeated
by a
> handful of guerillas armed mainly with knives.
The U.S. military was not responsible for protecting the WTC. Domestic
terrorism has been the responsibility of the FBI. It is true that this
division of labor has to change. The U.S. military has not been defeated. 
Be patient......and you will see.

> In normal circumstances there would be talk of courts martial (as there
> in the case of Pearl Harbor) and impeachment (as there was during the
> Vietnam War). 

Again you confuse the role of the U.S. military with other agencies.

Instead we have been conned into waving the flag on behalf of
> an establishment that has shamefully failed the country through a
> combination of arrogance, greed, stupidity, unpreparedness, carelessness,
> and corruption.

And tonight all around the world young men and women stand guard over your
freedom to utter such nonsense.

> Consider, for example, the fact that we are now getting lessons on
> patriotism from politicians and journalists who spent the past decade
> tossing American sovereignty down the drain in the name of "free trade."
> Consider that our military, alienating the restless in scores of country,
> turned out to be a cause of our troubles rather than of their
> Consider an intelligence establishment that help train the guerillas who
> have now turned on us. Consider the politicians who undermined our safety
> please the oil and defense industries or who endangered our lives in
> to support Israel and gain the campaign rewards that followed. Consider a
> foreign policy intelligentsia that could not tell the difference between
> realpolitik and realstupid.

Consider, for example, the fact that despite our so called defeat at the
hands of a group of thugs, you have not been called upon to defend any
aspect of America with your time, or money, or life. You are free. Free
to leave this sorry ass country that you have no use for with its corrupt
military, political, and foreign policies. And I am free to wish you good

> This is not cause for unity, flag-waving and loyalty to the latest
> puppet of a decadent elite that has led us into such a crisis. It is
> for shock and anger, for citizen inquiries and investigations into the
> questions the think tanks, Congress and the media refuse to ask, and for
> Solidarity-type movement in which Americans who love their land, the
> they once possessed, and the decency to which they aspire come together
> just to bring peace in a war-mad moment but to cause a transformation in
> power is exercised.

We are not in a war-mad moment. You are in a delusional state of denial. 
Many citizens have great difficulty dealing with events of the past few
weeks. Some bow their heads and pray. Some are depressed and anxious. 
Some, like you, are pissed off. Since it is safer to yell at your own
country than it is to yell at your enemy, you do that. Be safe my friend. 
Be safe in your ignorance.

> I was asked the other day what I would do if I were president. I declined
> the hypothesis because, I said, the only way that would happen would be
> the Green Party had come to power, which would mean that America would
> already have been acting in a far different manner than it is today and
> the attacks would have been far less like even to have occurred. I might
> have added that it was a little late to be seeking the advice of those
> have repeatedly sought a different course and who, in return, have been
> scorned, kept off the ballot, not invited to debates, and blacked out of
> media.
A coward will never been elected president.

> Further, the American establishment, despite its shameful and disastrous
> failure, refuses even now to listen to other than itself. Check this out
> counting how many minutes on mainstream TV or inches in your paper are
> devoted to non-military, non-violent solutions to our problem.
Lordy, Lordy, you are a throw-back to the 60's. When all else fails,
attack the 'establishment.' Like you aren't establishment. Your rhetoric
conforms to the established norms for radical anti-establishment
propoganda. You give Life to the establishment.

> Of course, the establishment would have you believe that the guerillas
> sprung from the global forest like the Big Bad Wolf going after Little
> Riding Hood. It relies heavily on the American faith that bad things have
> only two sources: accident or someone else's evil. The idea, such as was
> imbedded for centuries in maritime law, that a collision often involves
> divided fault, is alien to us save in a few instances such as when an
> spouse shoots her husband. Yet we must now face our proportional
> responsibility not only in the name of honesty but in the name of
> Nations can not well endure on such a diet of denial as ours.
You are not qualified to use the words 'American faith' While you may be
American, you have no faith. 

> The question of what one should do at this moment is clouded by another
> truth: there may actually be no adequate defense against that which we
> To believe that we will be safe if we only ban, search, and spy on enough
> things, and jail enough people on enough specious grounds, is a path
> madness. Like the individual suffering from agoraphobia, we will become
> prisoners in our own rooms.
There is no question what we should do at this moment. We, (the
establishment) have already developed a plan and put it into motion. For
you to believe that if we extend a hand of friendship to our terrorist
enemies that it will not be chopped off is the path towards madness. You
want so bad for the world to be an ideal place that you are willing to
accept your 6000 neighbors' horrible deaths as a necessary price to pay on
the path to utopia. You are a fool. 

> The possibility of no available defense is frightening until one realizes
> that we live happily with it every day in other contexts. For example, no
> husband and wife adequately protects themselves from being murdered by
> other or by their children. Yet, most do not sleep in bulletproof vests
> pat the kids down each time they walk in the house. That's because we
> found other ways of assuring the safety in these relationships based on
> means beyond those used by the military and police. Similarly, despite
> often heated nature of labor negotiations, I have never heard of a
> going into the conference room fully armed.
> To define the possible solutions to this crisis as only those of war and
> security is to admit defeat, for it is on this level that we are most
> vulnerable. Yet these appear to be virtually the sole tools our
> establishment understands. Thus not only has it brought unprecedented
> and danger to this land, it proposes with unbridled hubris to compound
> errors by more of the same.
The establishment has made it clear that terrorism will be fought on all
available fronts including economic, political, and military. You choose
to focus your hatred on the wrong enemy.

> The rest of us, whether out of moral sense or pragmatic grasp, must no
> longer enable such madness but tell those who have failed and betrayed us
> that they may not, must not, damage further our lives, our fortunes, and
> our sacred honor. SAM SMITH
You have failed and betrayed your friends, neighbors, and country. As I
said earlier: You are free to leave so that your life and fortune and
sacred honor will not be damaged any further by the country that you love
to hate. I'm sure the Taliban will welcome you with open arms. No, you
will not leave. You have never had it so good.

Bill Meredith

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