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RE: Theos-World - Kyoto

Sep 24, 2001 06:55 AM
by Peter Merriott

> The vote was a effectively a statement that the treaty had
> to be made
> less lopsided before the United States would ratify it. And that is
> pretty much all the George Bush has said; he has NEVER said that he will
> reject it outright.
> Bart Lidofsky


I very much hope you are right. Unfortunately, since Bush walked out on the
treaty there are currently no US representatives negotiating a "less
lopsided" agreement. It won't happen if they are not there.

"Right now in Bonn, they are negotiating terms consistent with the Kyoto
Protocol, and we are
disadvantaged, the United States, because our representatives are not at the
table as part of those negotiations." (Senator Lieberman)


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