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A Meeting with J Krishnamurti

Sep 23, 2001 09:07 PM
by ramadoss

Subj:A Meeting With J. Krishnamurti
Date:9/23/2001 11:55:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Johnathan Barnes)
Sender: listening-l-owner@zrz.TU-Berlin.DE
To: listening-l@zrz.TU-Berlin.DE (Krishnamurti (listening))

This was posted on another K list recently. I thought it may be of interest
to some here.


It was in 1985 I believe, in Switzerland, after a group meeting with
J. Krishnamurti. Time came to say goodbye. I noticed how others very
respectfully and others more in the state of 'touching the master, goodie
goodie' were taking turns to shake his hand and say good bye.
For what it seemed an eternity, I was in a conflict.. between my
wish to touch this being and the other inner voice saying 'what
bull...., playing the guru game after all, eh ?!"

And while I was going around like a mouse trapped in a cage (there
was only one door,.. and he was standing there) suddenly I saw the
situation in a sober way.. just saying goodbye to someone one has
spent time together with.. no fuss, no "shaktipat" thoughts of
expectations and other glorious and pink astral emotions.
I was the last one,.. so..No way out!..- I walked towards him.. shook
his hand and said thank you for this time, &good bye.. "Yeees sir.."
he said.

That's all on the visually apparent level.

In those few seconds, Also the following happened :
He took my hand, and with his other hand my elbow, felt as if my
whole being and its contents were being shaken "in place".. a current
of quite a high speed, passed on thru rest of body from hand, head,
toes.. it was like a good shower.. he loked into my eyes,.. I've
never seen such dark, deep, large eyes !.. as if a space with no end,
and this to-the-eye invisible floods of love pouring out of his
eyes.. (and some people call him 'dry' and 'intellectual' ?!?).. I
was standing there hardly being prepared for all of that,.. and this
little man (he did not reach higher than my chest area) definitely
felt by me, that he was about 4 times taller than me...
Since it all happen so quickly, only when I stepped out of the roon,
I realized what has happened.

I've had a few buzzes from other gurus, but not as 'real' and clean
and sober as this one.

He was a rare one !

I've read that he said himself (in spite that he hardly ever talked
about this kind of mystical stuff) that there will not be another
like him for another 500 years,.. the reason for this being the
necessity for a body that can withstand the enormous volume of energy
that passed thru his body. He never talked about things such as Kundalini.

A question:
Do you know if such an encounter, leaves some kind of a 'seed' in
one , or is it just another 'wow'- experience ?


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