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RE: Theos-World - Kyoto

Sep 23, 2001 11:45 AM
by Peter Merriott

Hi Michele,

39 countries have in fact ratified the treaty, of which Romania is one, but
the majority of these are not the main generators of greenhouse gases. For
example, the UK, Germany and France have not ratified but were prepared to,
apparently, if the US also signed.

For information see

When the US, as the country that produces the most greenhouse gases (25% of
the world's greenhouse emissions), refused to ratify the treaty it left the
major players wondering what to do. I think they are still hoping to find a
way forward in which the US feels it can play a part - hence the delay in
all signing up.

The information I presented earlier to Bart was simply to show that the
Kyoto treaty was not an agreement where the US alone cuts back its emmisions
while the rest of the world does what it likes.



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> Nick Weeks wrote:
> > If I recall rightly, even under Clinton, the Senate & House
> were 80 percent
> > against ratification. US Presidents are happily not monarchs.
> Hi, Nick,
> the vote was 97- 0 in the Senate against the Treaty.
> And only one country in the world (Romania) has ratified it. Not a
> single other one despite their protestations.
> Best,
> Michele
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