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Re: Theos-World US Karma - Protocols

Sep 22, 2001 11:37 PM
by leonmaurer

To balance out the fomenters of racial and religious hatred in this forum, 
who follow the Hitler-Nazi propaganda line -- check out the below sites. 

Compare this information with the bigotry, prejudice, opinions and attitudes 
of these neo-Nazi "haters" in previous correspondence on this and other 
topics. Also, compare it with the teachings of HPB and the Masters...
(There's much more, pro and con, at:) 

After a thorough study of all the conflicting views, let's decide, each for 
ourselves, what is and what is not the truth... 

"There is no religion higher than truth" (HPB)... 
"The truth shall make you free" (of hatred. prejudice, and bigotry)... 

And, then, we all might get back to the real theosophical work of bringing 
"Universal Brotherhood" to ALL of Mankind -- of whatever race, creed, sex, or 


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