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Re: Secret Doctrine - Destroyed And Then Created Again?

Sep 22, 2001 04:27 PM
by IronGround

>:-) Hi - I'm not sure if you were asking me that question, but for myself, I 
experimented for a short time with some mind-altering drugs about 25 years 
ago, but for the last 25 years I haven't touched anything like that, not even 

And yes, I would offer a warning to anyone who might consider using that 
approach. Leadbeater explained it well, saying that external stimuli only 
affects one from the outside - and so one might be able to generate some 
sorts of chaotic clairvoyance types of things, but that is only temporary - 
only affecting your present life - not carrying over to future lives.

But if one works from within, by things like meditation, then one's Soul is 
directly involved in the process, and so any progress one makes by that 
method is a real advance that remains with one throughout all Future Lives - 
and any types of abilities one develops that way is much more likely to be 
under one's control, not the chaotic drug type things.

Well I believe all that, and that is how I've been living for the last 25 
years, and I have no intention of changing. During meditation I feel much 
Deeper than I ever felt back when experimenting with drugs - some of those 
experiences were intense, but not as Deep as what I feel now. 

And like I suggested, Astral projection is more exciting than drug 
experiences anyway! - and since the Astral Plane is between the Physical 
Plane and Heaven, usually it must be thoroughly explored before one can 
awaken in Heaven. Although, the Astral Plane can also be experienced by 
meditation, so projection isn't necessary. And there might be some dangers to 
Astral projection, so one might want to consider that before attempting it.

I don't know, maybe there are ways of using herbal approaches that are of 
value - Blavatsky mentions the use of Soma - but I don't think many people 
today know how to use that method to any benefit, so personally I would warn 
against it - g'Day! >:-) Grounge

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> I fail to see what reference to Theosophy and its study such
> messages have.
> If LSD dulls the mind and its control over the personality, as do
> all drugs, alcohol included, then why need it be mentioned?
> Unless as a warning. I take it this is not a warning ?
> Dallas
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> > Have a large dose of LSD and you can experience this first
> hand. It's
> > freaky at first but there's nothing like applying the theory
> > practically.
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> > Namaste
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> > Nos
> >:-) Ha! I don't like stuff like that anymore - for the last 25
> years I very
> much prefer things like meditation and Astral projection - still
> not that
> good at either of them, but am still working on it - g'Day! >:-)
> Grounge

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