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Re: Secret Doctrine - Destroyed And Then Created Again?

Sep 20, 2001 04:20 PM
by IronGround

In a message dated 9/20/01 10:42:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> At 10:06 AM 9/20/01 -0400, you wrote:
> >:-) Hi - would like to ask a question. I've read most of the Secret
> >Doctrine - read some portions many times - seem to remember
> >somewhere Blavatsky saying something like: "for the World is
> >destroyed and then created again hundreds(?) of times every 
> >second" - anyone remember that? - anyone have any idea what she
> >might have meant by that? I think she just made that statement
> >but didn't attempt to explain it.
> There are different Manvantaras, different cycles of existence.
> Some deal with vast periods of time, like the age of the earth.
> The earth's life would be a Planetary Manvantara, 8.64 billion
> years. (This includes 4.32 billion years for the period of activity
> and another 4.32 billion years for the period of dissolution, the
> Pralaya that follows.) This period is sometimes called a day in
> the life of Brahma.
> At the far end of the scale in terms of shortness in a type of
> Manvantara that is continuous. It happens instantaneously. Every
> moment things are newly created. This type of cycle, which you
> refer to, has to do with the fact that the Eternal Now is 
> constantly being renewed out of nothingness, continuously self-
> arising.
> It cannot refer to one's specific station in life, or one's
> evolutionary goals. It happens too fast to refer to anything
> we can possibly do. It is faster than a measurable unit of
> time. Therefore, we can see that it refers to a type of
> creation that is higher, more basic and primal that the self
> that does things in the world. It refers, I think, to the
> ever-present will-to-be that keeps the universe in place and
> allows us to exist.
> -- Eldon
>:-) Hi - very interesting ideas - I like those ideas a lot! - the cycles I 
was talking about being the Eternal Now constantly arising - I thought of 
that type of thing before, but for some reason it never occured to me to 
apply that to Blavatsky's statement - thanks - but arising out of 
nothingness? - isn't that what the Bible says? - something Blavatsky didn't 
agree with, and I don't really like that idea too much either, if I 
understand correctly what you mean by nothingness.

I like Leadbeater's idea - that the Universal Logos, the Logos of the entire 
Universe, creates the Ultimate Atoms - those "bubbles in koilon" - and then a 
Solar Logos fashions the Ultimate Atoms into a Solar System - building the 
Atoms of the Solar System out of the Ultimate Atoms.

So it seems that there is an ongoing double creation - the Universal Logos 
constantly willing the Ultimate Atoms into existence and the Solar Logos 
constantly willing the Atoms of the Solar System into existence - and 
Blavatsky seems to indicate that the Ultimate Atoms are made out of Space - 
Space itself being the Root Matter - so then, according to this line of 
thinking, the Eternal Now doesn't arise out of nothingness - although I know 
there's lots of ways to look at all this.

And the Universal Logos uses Fohat to "dig holes in Space" - creating the 
"bubbles" in "koilon" - koilon being Space, I suppose - Fohat being Spirit in 
this case, I suppose, although I know that Fohat is usually considered Energy 
- the Ultimate Atoms being the original creations of the meeting of Spirit 
and Matter - infinitesimal cycles being present in this ongoing creation? - 
that's the part I never thought of applying to Blavatsky's statement that the 
World is destroyed and then created again many times a second, if she did in 
fact say that.

8.64 billion years for the Planetary Manvantara sounds familiar - and I 
thought that it was divided equally into active and resting times, but wasn't 
sure about that - thanks for that - the thing I'm not sure about is if this 
is for one single inhabitation of Earth - or if this is for one entire Round 
of the Earth Chain - or if this, maybe, is for one entire Chain period of 
Seven Rounds - g'Day! >:-) Grounge

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