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Secret Doctrine - Destroyed And Then Created Again?

Sep 20, 2001 07:07 AM
by IronGround

>:-) Hi - would like to ask a question. I've read most of the Secret Doctrine 
- read some portions many times - seem to remember somewhere Blavatsky saying 
something like: "for the World is destroyed and then created again 
hundreds(?) of times every second" - anyone remember that? - anyone have any 
idea what she might have meant by that? I think she just made that statement 
but didn't attempt to explain it.

I've been reading and working with Theosophy for about 19 years - Blavatsky, 
Leadbeater and Besant mostly. I know that this idea of the World being 
destroyed and then created again many times a second is not a common 
Theosophical idea - it sounds interesting though.

Leadbeater says that our Solar System is a Thought Form in the Mind of the 
Solar Logos - our Logos creating the Thought Form on the Cosmic Mental Plane. 
And Besant says in her book "Thought Power" that Consciousness is a 
succession of "I am that" - "I am not that" - "I am that" - "I am not that" - 
"I am that."

So putting those two ideas together, maybe that is a beginning of an 
understanding of Blavatsky's statement - which I'm still not sure that she 
actually said - I seem to remember reading it many years ago, but haven't 
been able to find it in the Secret Doctrine since then - maybe I made it up 
myself? - although the Secret Doctrine is so large - every page filled with 
Labyrinths of Ideas - it could easily be lost in there somewhere - g'Day! 
>:-) Grounge

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