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Re: Theos-World is everybody alive and well?

Sep 20, 2001 00:14 AM
by leonmaurer

Very good advice... 

And, for those who feel that this is a forum to discuss theosophical TRUTHS 
and NOT politics or inflammatory personal opinions about "side issue" 
subjects ostensibly backed up by questionable or spurious propaganda 
documents written by others of the same ilk -- that deals with arguments 
designed to foment racial and religious hatreds and separation -- should not 
give these writers the courtesy of an answer, pro or con, and should throw 
such mail in the trash. From here on out, that is what I intend to do, and 
get back to the reason I subscribed to this forum in the first place. 


In a message dated 09/19/01 10:52:07 AM, writes:

>At 10:39 AM 9/12/01 +0930, you wrote:
>>Is everybody from NYC on the list alive and well?
>>Peace all
>I think that our earlier messages were better,
>before we started getting too involved in heated
>political discussions, leading to judging and
>finding others on the list to be bad because of
>their views.
>Your message provides me an opportunity to comment
>on how things have been going. As I write and say
>"you", I include all of us.
>I've read more than once that Theosophy and politics
>don't mix. As soon as we get caught up in the
>subject, things can get heated and we can start
>thinking and feeling all sorts of dark things about
>people taking different positions in the discussions.
>First, it's good to not write in anger, but rather
>to wait until a sense of peace and inner calm has
>returned before writing a reply. The Samurai understood
>this, and would defer combat if enraged.
>Second, in the big picture, all our political and
>economic systems are short-lived. A few lifetimes
>and thousands of years later, who knows what if anything
>will remain of them?
>Third, a sense of humor is paramount to dealing with
>people. If someone says something outrageous, have
>a friendly laugh, then ask them to explain what they
>said. Life is too imperfect to expect things to always
>work the way we want, and a wave of friendliness can
>melt the ice or help put out the fires that rage
>between people.
>Fourth, be aware of the potential for darkness, and
>don't let it overtake you. Both good or bad can come
>through one. Little things can spark acts of kindness.
>Others can burst into fiery rages that fill the mind
>with images of vile, evil monsters where before we
>only saw other people like ourselves. Don't let little
>darknesses blow up into big, destructive things.
>Fifth, share what you find helpful, rather than tear
>down things you dislike or disagree with. Brighten
>the world with your best, making the ideas clear, more
>appealing, and beautiful, rather that spend time
>dismembering and painting as ugly the ideas that
>don't appeal to you.
>Lastly, operate from a perspective that external
>life is impermanent, misleading in its apparent
>reality, a blank page awaiting your pen. Don't assume
>it's either neutral or negative in nature. Realize
>there are untold wonders waiting to come into
>existence, only held back because there's no one
>yet to express them. Learn what they are and help
>them come into life.
>-- Eldon 

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