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Re: Theos-World Neo Nazi Larouche

Sep 19, 2001 04:06 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Pee-Jay, as a truth-seeker I don't ask which ideology, race, social or
religious caste one prefers. My only question is whether the information is
true or untrue.

So what LaRouche says about the recent conspiracy sounds very true for me
because I heard myself the same since 1994 from various good sources from
several countries, from Russia to Canada.
BTW, the typical witch-hunt and violent agitation of the Jewish, socialistic
and communistic sources which you recommend here is an old trick.
These idiots are so much left that even a Stalin or Castro would be a
Neo-Nazi for them.

Furthermore, these "antifascist" sources you recommend (who in fact are the
only real fascists today) are also the enemies of theosophy. Theosophists in
Germany have much to suffer from the Jewish persecutions. And one of this
stupid links you recommend lists up an independent weekly as the Junge
Freiheit which is also labeled as a Neo-Nazi newspaper, which is it of
course not. They are critical about Hitler, but they are also critical about
the global players and the Jewish master race ideology with that they try to
get a world dictature upon three world wars - as outlined by Adam Weishaupt
and the Protocols - which is purely anti-theosophical. But that was not what
HPB was fighting for. And that is the real reason why the Theosophists, esp.
in Germany are persecuted by the Jewish pressure groups and its helper

The Junge Freiheit suffered much from several bomb attacks, propaganda
campaigns, violent attacks of press sellers, deletings of their bank
accounts etc. - the whole ADL program.
The editors went to Ignaz Bubis, the late President of the Jews in Germany
in Frankfurt (slang: Bankfurt) asking him why he shoots first instead to
speak first. After some to and fro he was willing to meet them. During the
talk he accused the editors of being Neo-Nazi and that they wrote in certain
issues that this and that. The editors opened their suitcases showing him
the originals of the attacked articles. Bubis was for a long time reading
and reading and looked a little bit shocked. Then he was unable to continue
the talk, closed his file and gave the articles back, indicating them that
they were right. Later on he gave an interview to the Junge Freiheit. Bubis
was aware that he was tricked out by his own Jewish pressure groups.
But the German left wing, communistic, homosexual trendies always cried and
wept: Do not read this Neo-Nazi paper and give no interviews. The famous
jewish author Ephraim Kishon, who seem to be very level-headed, also gave
them an interview to show that the bigot and fanatical Jews do not represent
the all Jewishry. Asked by the editors what he believes what is the real
reason why they are persecuted by the Jews, Kishon said: O, that's very
easy, you are a little, but an independent paper and the Jews want the
monopoly of the press. - The Jews control around 98% of the press in
BTW, the Junge Freiheit started a counter campaign and they've won the
judicial proceedings and got they bank account back. As there are hundreds
of historians and publishers now who are persecuted by the German Jewish
puppet system for the only reason that they publish or read non-faked
original documents from the Third Reich you should better meditate about
that to foresee what in the USA will happen when the forces who attacked the
WTC will have gained complete control. You have just to look what in your
European colonies happens to conclude what is your own future. And in this
new world order there will be no place for theosophy, except for the black
magic the new age idiots present like: Get rich, get richer, 10 lessons how
to get money without work and the like.

I do not know anything about LaRouche and it interests me not so much,
except what he says about the WTC attacks, but if your trick works in that
way to suppress any independent information which is not manipulated by the
Ferenghis and make the folks make believe with the Neo-Nazi cries that this
information is false whereas it contains the truth - then I say: I am proud
to say to be a Neo-Nazi. Today they persecute the Neo-Nazis, tomorrow they
persecute the theosophists.
Lies, lies, everywhere lies.

> Folks,
> Just tried a google search using Larouche+neonazi, which yielded 50
> hits. But it suggested using "Larouche+Neo Nazi" and *that* yielded
> 769. Will leave it up to interested listmembers to check out the
> evidence.
> PJ

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