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RE: Theos-World Do not support the war!

Sep 18, 2001 04:57 PM
by nos

Right On Frank!



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Sent: Wednesday, 19 September 2001 8:26 AM
Subject: Theos-World Do not support the war!

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"All is lie, all falsehood, around and in us, my brother; and 
that is why you seem so surprised, if not affected, whenever 
you find a person who will tell you bluntly truth to your 
face." - Mahatma Letter No. 74, chronol. ed. p. 223

"Image it's war, but no one goes there!"

Do not support the war!

Do not follow induction!

Follow the good examples of both Katherine Tingley and Sven Hedin!

When the enemies of humankind created World War I in 1914 it 
was the Leader of the Theosophical Movement Katherine Tingley 
who instructed the Theosophists to disobey puppet President 
Wilson's induction order so that the global players behind the 
curtain would have no or at least lower opportunities to hound 
nation against nation for their profit.

When they continued in 1939 to burn the world (ex British Prime 
Minister John Major spoke of the "30 years war 1914-1945") it 
was the famous Asia researcher Sven Hedin who appealed to the 
US people to disobey puppet President Roosevelt's induction order.

Do now not believe the lies of puppet President Bush-Bush. The 
enemy is not in a foreign land. He is on US territory. Disobey 
any hypocritically induction order for World War III under the 
mask of haunting imaginary "terrorists".

Do not revenge! Never! USA and Germany are the main targets of 
the enemies of humankind. Both countries will not survive if 
their peoples are going into the trap!

Have peaceful thoughts - even to your enemies! 

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