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LaRouche says it's a conspiration from Wall Street Jews against US

Sep 18, 2001 07:33 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer


Bart, is LaRouche also a Neo-Nazi?
Is everyone who says the truth about the Jewish monsters from Wall Street (that does not include all Jews in general which is self evident and must not be outspoken among normal people) a --- Neo-Nazi?
LaRouche in 2004 Press release 
"This Is A Covert, Strategic Operation
Against the United States."

September 12 -- In an interview with a New Hampshire radio station WGIR this morning, 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche underscored his evaluation that the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon Sept. 11, were not the acts of "terrorists," but "a covert, strategic, special-operations operation" against the United States. The substance of the interview follows. Mr. LaRouche's additional proposals for how to deal with this national emergency crisis can be found in the transcript of a one and a half hour interview he did during the unfolding of the crisis, the which can be found on this website, 

Announcer: Tell me: You are a man who has travelled over the entire world, and spent lots of time overseas. What can you tell us about the possible people behind this terrorism activity. We're all hearing this Osama bin Laden, I think, mostly because we don't know any other names. What do you think about this? 

LaRouche: That's right. This is not a terrorist operation. This is a covert, strategic, special-operations operation, which has characteristic similiarities to the militia operation against the Oklahoma City center some years ago. 

Announcer: Are you saying that this might have been some people within our own country? 

LaRouche: In part, it had to be people within our own country. Look at some of the facts of the matter: I got on this case, of course, just about quarter after nine, yesterday morning, when I was on with Jack Stockwell.... 

Announcer: Out in Salt Lake City, right? 

LaRouche: Right. And we put this on the website, so people can see exactly, more or less, a transcription-degree of accuracy, what Jack and I discussed, with others. 

Announcer: What is that website? 

LaRouche: That is, my website is, we put it on, that is [spells it]; I think it has also gone on my campaign website [], and, if it has not gone there yet, it will be there soon. 

Announcer: Okay. 

LaRouche: So, we had this discussion, and I must say, that looking back on it, a little more than a day later, that I didn't say anything wrong, I didn't get anything wrong. I was taken by surprise, in a sense, but not surprised by the fact of this, nor was I surprised by the fact that it was primarily a domestic, covert, special operation, by people with very high-grade military special-operations backgrounds. It could not have happened otherwise. 

Announcer: Now, what would be the goal of such people, if that's the case, as opposed to Mideastern terrorists? 

LaRouche: To create a simulated Pearl Harbor effect to get the United States to go to war against nations in the Middle East. 

Announcer: Well, my judgment is, I think this was an act of war against the United States by somebody, but it doesn't seem to be by a specific nation. I mean, there may be some nations -- if it is Mideastern terrorists, there may be some nations that have sheltered these folks.... 

LaRouche: No.... 

Announcer: You don't believe that. 

LaRouche: Take Osama bin Laden: [He] was created by the U.S., British, and Israeli intelligence services, as a part of the so-called Afghan operations. He still is a controlled asset of those interests, which are largely buried in the special covert operations section. Now, of course, obviously, our military, top military, had nothing to do with this. But there are people who are ``off the reservation,'' as we saw reflected in the Oklahoma City bombing, and there are people off the reservations who are used, who are deniable.... 

Announcer: Well now, who are the people though, that would, I mean, are you saying these people are domestic terrorists in the United States? 

LaRouche: No, they're not terrorists. These are not terrorists. They may terrify people, but they are not terrorists. That is, the idea that this is an international terrorist operation, is utter nonsense, and it's very dangerous to go looking for the wrong adversary, and ignore the right one. The point is, there are certain people, very powerful people, behind the scenes in various governments: the British government, the U.S. government, the Israeli government--not Sharon, I don't think Sharon would have had anything to do with this--but, who are determined to have the United States take the nature of the conflict between certain people in Israel and the surrounding neighbors, and use that to involve the United States in a geopolitical conflict in the Middle East. And some of the reaction of the suckers, including the President of the United States, who doesn't really know too much, who was pushed in that direction yesterday. 

Announcer: So, you're not buying the conventional wisdom here, as to this being Osama bin Laden, or anyone else? 

LaRouche: I doubt that there's any wisdom behind the people who think so. I think the point is, anybody who understands -- Look, there were certain features of these developments yesterday, which immediately attracted all of our attention. I had over the, since then, since yesterday morning, I've been reaching out to old, high-level military and intelligence people around the world, including Russia, as well as Western Europe and elsewhere, and we put together, from the U.S. side, and from these areas, a very good cross-check picture of what happened. It could not happen -- Look, the United States could not have done that to the Soviet Union during the high point of the conflict of the Cold War. We didn't have the capability to do to the Soviet Union {then}, what was done to us yesterday.

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