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Sep 17, 2001 11:00 PM
by nos

How many 'terrorist' groups has your government established, sponsored
or networked lately?


Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 3, #2 (February-March 1996).
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"If Jesus Christ were to stand up today, he'd be gunned down cold by the
(The The, "Armageddon Days", Mind Bomb album, Epic Records, 1991)


It is considered a principle of strategic law that the success of
rebellion is dependent upon the interests of an outside power. In the
West, this fact has always been used to explain the existence of leftist
terrorism in the 'seventies, and Islamic militarism in the 'nineties.
With leftist terrorism, the Soviets were accused as the instigators,
while Libya and Iran have been targeted as the states responsible for
the myth of an Islamic threat. However, while the corporate media have
been willing to exaggerate and even fabricate the truth of these claims,
they have remained silent in regard to America's involvement in the
promotion of terrorism.
On the issue of right-wing terrorism, little has been reported. On
America's intelligence connection to 'Islamic' guerrillas (and their
manipulation of Islam), nothing has been said. Yet, the truth is that
amongst those who utilise religious faith to justify war, the majority
are closer to Langley, Virginia, than they are to Tehran or Tripoli.
However, it is not just among Islam's minority that racism or arrogance
is exploited. The ties between Western intelligence, anti-Communist
elements of the Vatican and Hitler's men are not slim. Since the final
days of World War II, the totalitarian seekers have made use of people's
hatred by establishing a clandestine Fascist network. The influence of
this cabal is felt in South America, France and Western Europe, and,
today, in the conflict of former Yugoslavia. There are even indicators
that elements of this espionage ring of death have reached as far as

Through a combination of individuals, government-endorsed death squads,
influential religion-based secret societies and even governments, the
freedom and willpower of the people are being destroyed. Terrorism has
become the new means by which the old strategy of divide and conquer is
being implemented on a global scale.
The history of counter-insurgency would make it clear that an
insurgency, regardless of its scale, cannot survive without the support
of a sympathetic and powerful ally. Rebels cannot undermine the state's
authority unless they possess the financial, logistical and political
support of agents whose influence equals or betters the ruling system's
power. This agent may be internally based (as we shall see with the
French anti-Gaullist resistance), but, in general, it tends to be an
external third power.
The above is a premise wholeheartedly agreed with by the US-based
right-wing Center for International Affairs (a favourite stomping ground
of Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski) which endorsed David
Galula's statement, "no revolutionary war can remain a purely internal
affair".1 The Center for International Affairs (and its close cousin,
the Center for Strategic and International Studies) utilised this
hypothesis to promote the perception that the Soviet Union lay behind
all incidents of international terrorism. Their prestige and influence
was so great that when the CIA's own analysts could not find verifiable
proof of a Soviet terrorist conspiracy, the CIA director, William Casey,
chose to rely on the information of journalist Claire Sterling in her
book, The Terror Network. "Read Claire Sterling's book and forget this
mush. I paid $13.95 for this and it told me more than you bastards whom
I pay $50,000 a year," responded Casey in fury.2 The irony was that
Claire Sterling's book had used material that was in fact part of a CIA
propaganda scheme.3

The 'wise old men' also enthusiastically pushed the theory, until it
became a believed reality, that Iran and Libya were solely responsible
for the promotion of Islamic fundamentalism. However, an examination of
current affairs demonstrates clearly that the key players originate from
regions that are firmly under the Western sphere of influence. For while
the Islamic jihad has Iranian members (and has made use of Iran and
Libya as safe havens), the major influences come from Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Egypt and Algeria. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, fundamentalism
could not have bloomed without the CIA's covert assistance-a fact that
is apparent when one examines the history of the area.
In July 1977, Pakistan's Prime Minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was
overthrown in a CIA-backed coup led by General Mohammed Zia Al-Haq. It
is his daughter Benazir Bhutto's belief that the motive behind this coup
and Zulfikar's subsequent execution, lay in his initiation of a nuclear
technology program (with Gaullist France's assistance)-a decision that
Henry Kissinger, in person, had warned could lead to Pakistan being
turned into a "horrible example". Once Zia had obtained control, the CIA
promptly moved in en masse, and its overseas station in Pakistan soon
became its largest.4 This action resulted out of National Security
Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski's desire to engage the Soviet Union in what
he termed "their Vietnam": the Afghanistan war.5
In a move to recruit soldiers for the Afghanistan civil war, the CIA and
Zia encouraged the region's Islamic people to think of the conflict in
terms of a jihad (holy war). Thus was fundamentalism promoted. In
return, General Zia, surfing on his image as the great Islamic crusader,
built up a loyal following amongst the Pushwar people who inhabited the
border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. General Zia was quick to utilise
their loyalty to staff his army and security forces. However, Zia was
not inept enough to know when a good thing was coming to an end.

The arrival of glasnost meant nothing to Zia and he continued to preach
the message that had secured his power. General Zia appeared not even to
have had a glimmer of suspicion when the US, via the Council on Foreign
Relations (another control tool of Kissinger and Brzezinski), lobbied
for the release of Benazir Bhutto from house arrest in 1984. The elected
spokesmen for this task were US Democrat Rhode Island Senator Clairborne
Pell, Edward Kennedy, and the State Department's Peter Galbraith (a
college classmate of Benazir Bhutto).6
The Kennedy clout aside, it was an interesting selection. Clairborne
Pell's past was as a member of the intelligence subcommittee, where, on
26th July 1972, he had chaired questions on environmental war
(rainmaking)7, whereas Peter Galbraith's future lay in diplomatic
service as Ambassador to Croatia.8
Benazir Bhutto's initial release would prove useful in undermining Zia's
control, and in 1985 she won the General Assembly elections. Though Zia
would contest the results, he remained a threat to Bhutto (and an
embarrassment to America) until his plane crashed the following year.
Many suspect the 'accident' of being engineered.9
Despite Benazir Bhutto's assistance in undermining Zia's influence, she
was clearly not the Council on Foreign Relations' desired puppet. For it
was not until 1993 (two dismissed governments and two assassination
attempts later) that Benazir was able to wrestle control away from Zia's
number two, President Ghulam Ishaq Kha (Chairman of the Senate under
Zia's administration). Her comparatively secure position is attributed
by many to be as a result of her belief in intelligence and her ruthless
approach to global politics. It is clear that she has no illusions as to
who is behind the promotion of Islamic terrorism. For just before her
recent visit to the US, she held a press conference where she stated:
"The question that arises is, who was the mastermind that saw that the
World Trade Center should be bombed and that I should be eliminated from
the [1993] elections...? I would feel that it is those individuals who
were involved in the Afghan jihad because they were then brainwashed
[literally ( author's note)] to believe that it was the duty of any
Muslim to spread Islam through terror."10
It would seem that her remarks and subsequent comments, which, in
political speech, translate as "I have a secret: shall I reveal it?",
hit a nerve. The arms embargo, imposed upon Pakistan for Benazir
Bhutto's continuation of Pakistan's nuclear program, was lifted.13 The
slim majority of US Congress's agreement to do so indicates the presence
of severe lobbying upon the issue. As a consequence, Pakistan will now
receive delivery of US$368 million in military equipment purchased under
the Zia administration, and the revival of tens of millions of dollars
worth of economic aid and US loans. It shall probably also mean greater
International Monetary Fund- provided assistance.14 As far as Congress
is aware, Pakistan is not required to do anything in return.

The sudden goodwill towards Pakistan makes it clear that interested
parties do not want the issue of the New York Trade Center bombing to
resurface-in particular, the US intelligence services' connection to the
accused Egyptian and Pakistani bombers.
In 1981, following the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat,
America and Egypt chose to step up their infiltration of the
Egyptian-based fundamentalists15-a move that occurred partly out of the
CIA's desire to avoid another Sadat, and partly to utilise it as a
propaganda weapon against Libya and Iran (and now Iraq). Thus, by the
'nineties, the situation in Egypt was such that no militant could go to
the toilet without the Egyptian or US intelligence services knowing
about it.
The actual degree of the infiltration's success is best demonstrated by
the 1995 trial of the New York World Trade Center (accused) bombers. The
prosecution evidence includes videotape footage taken by an Egyptian
intelligence-service informer.16 The witness denies that he is an
Egyptian intelligence agent; however, US officials admit "he is no choir
boy".17 The informer is to receive over US$2 million dollars for his
This is an interesting contradiction of US law which states that it is
illegal to use American taxpayers' money to pay a bribe to a convicted

In Algeria and France, the current 'Islamic' hotspots, the Islamic
guerrillas likewise have been encouraged by forces with ulterior
motives. Fundamentalists are receiving intelligence and logistical
support from right-wing elements within France's own government. To
date, Jean Louis Dèbre, the French Interior Minister, has been accused
by the police Judiciae (the French version of the CIB or the FBI) of
misdirecting the security forces for "political motives".18
Likewise, the French police have been accused of cooperating within the
Spanish state and of creating GAL (anti-terrorist liberation group)
death squads in their war against the leftist and Basque separatists.
Witnesses called upon to give evidence have stated that French police,
right-wing extremists, police informers and former OAS (the French
terrorist organisation opposed to Algerian independence) members
assisted with GAL operations within France.19 The revelation of the OAS
involvement puts another perspective upon the Algeria-related terrorist
attacks within France and Algeria itself.
The OAS connection to the fundamentalists of Algeria is not new. In
1961, Senior OAS Commander Jean-Jacques Sysini discussed with the CIA's
Paris station officer the possibility of a Franco-Muslim alliance.20 The
outcome, according to available material, is that the CIA-OAS-Muslim
republic was cut short, for President Kennedy, on the advice of his
political advisers, cancelled the covert assistance program before it
could begin.21 However, after the assassination of Kennedy in 1963, it
is known that the CIA's use of covert operation programs increased on a
dramatic scale.22 There is no reason to conclude that the CIA did not
take advantage of the situation to utilise their OAS and
non-governmental Muslim assets. This would ensure that neither a French
republic nor a Soviet-controlled government obtained control of the
Algerian oil fields. The French have long accused American oil companies
of having encouraged the USA's support of the OAS and Muslim rebels.23
The OAS, though, was not the only inbred resistance organisation of the
era, for during the Algerian crisis another organisation came to be
known. Like the OAS, it was comprised of individuals with anti-Soviet,
pro-Catholic beliefs and the same desire to rid France of Charles de
Gaulle. The organisation's name is not cited in the book, Target De
Gaulle. However, from its listed connections to the Vatican and pro-Nazi
activists, and its possession of detailed, accurate intelligence on the
very inner workings of the de Gaulle Government, it is possible to
surmise that the secret society cited was in fact Il Gladio.24

In 1990, Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti briefed the Italian
Parliament on a secret paramilitary organisation called Il Gladio (from
the Latin, meaning "sword"). He explained that Gladio had been set up in
1956 and was run by the CIA to take precautions against Communist
aggression. In particular, Gladio was tasked to reduce the influence of
Communism in France and Italy (later, this would include Spain) via a
"strategy of tension".25
Since this revelation, journalists have unearthed the meaning behind
this term. It was Gladio's tactic to make use of right-wing mercenaries
and Mafia hit-men to carry out attacks that were then blamed upon the
left. These attacks include the Mafia's involvement in the Red Brigade's
kidnap and murder of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978.26 The
strategy was to utilise the citizens' fear to justify the greater power
of the security forces.
Gladio was also revealed to have strong ties to the former Nazi
intelligence operators who, under the General Gehlen and Allen Dulles
contract, were being recruited to help create America's post-war CIA.27
This would include the infamous Licio Gelli, a.k.a. "The Puppet Master"
and head of the Vatican-Mafia Masonic Lodge, P2.28 It was Licio Gelli
who helped to organise the "rat line" which was responsible for
smuggling the Nazis out of Europe. Gelli's partner was Father Krujoslav
Dragonovic, a Croatian Catholic priest and friend to Croatia's wartime
leader, Dr Pavlic. While Gelli liaised with the respective intelligence
agencies (which included those of America, Britain, Italy and the
escaping Gestapo), Dragonovic negotiated with the Vatican for its
assistance in the plan.29 For this service, Gelli and Dragonovic, as a
norm, charged the fleeing Nazis 40 per cent of their wealth.30

However, Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie ("The Butcher of Lyon") was not
charged, as the US Counter-Intelligence Corps picked up the tab as part
of their recruitment of Barbie as an agent.31
In 1954, Gelli himself used the rat line and escaped to Argentina where
he resided as a friend of Argentinian dictator General Juan Peron.32 No
doubt Gelli was not lonely, for, in Argentina, Pavlic served as Peron's
security adviser, while Klaus Barbie held a similar position in nearby
Bolivia.33 In fact, all throughout South and Central America, the people
have encountered the effects of these CIA imports. South America's
legacy as home to some of the worst cases of state-induced terrorism
owes much thanks to the CIA's involvement with P2.

In Europe, P2 was/is suspected of being behind Fascist attacks carried
out against the left, with the design to weaken people's faith in a
socialist government.34 In 1976, P2 was also suspected of being behind
the assassination of Italian magistrate Vittoria Occorsio. At the time,
Occorsio was investigating P2 links to neo-Nazi organisations. His death
simultaneously killed his P2 investigation.35 However, former Gladio
agents have attributed the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing and the 1974 and
1980 Bolognan bombings (a total of 113 deaths and over 185 injured) to
the P2 organisation.36
In 1980, however, P2 was dealt a severe blow when Italian police,
attempting to clarify Gelli's connection to Mafia don Michele Sindona,
discovered a P2 membership-roll document bearing 962 names. The list
included over 50 generals and admirals, two cabinet members, 36-plus
policemen, journalists, pundits and pop stars.37 The consequences
destroyed the Italian Government, and came close to ending NATO. Yet
Signorina Tina Anselmi, chairman of the parliamentary commission (now
suspended) into P2, is quoted in David Yallop's book, In God's Name, as
stating: "P2 is by no means dead. It still has power. It is working in
the institutions. It is moving in society. It has money, means and
instruments still at its disposal. It still has fully operative power
centres in South America. It is also able to condition, at least in
part, Italian political life."38 In turn, if events in France (whose
secret service prevented Gelli's arrest in 1982 by the Italian secret
service) and Spain are any indicators, it would appear that this web of
espionage is far from untangled.

P2 is not the only force of Fascism that remains at large. The rise of
the new right is prevalent throughout Europe and the globe as a whole.
Fascist organisations like America's Aryan Nation are rapidly on the
increase. However, more disturbing are reports of such pro-Nazi group
infiltration within armies and police forces of several democratic
states including America, Canada, Britain and Australia. In Germany,
anti-Fascist investigators like John Kohl also report of the neo-Nazis'
increased military efficiency. In August 1995 a large cache of arms,
thought to have come from former Yugoslavia, confirmed worst fears.
Neo-Nazi activists are using ex-Yugoslavia as a training ground.39 To
date, 150 neo-Nazi mercenaries of German origin are known to be fighting
in Croatia alongside Fascists from America, Britain and Austria.40
Yet again, the Balkans are serving their historical role as a breeding
ground for the return of terror, with potential international
consequences. For while Gaullist France, Britain and Russia provide arms
to Serbia on one side, America, with equally ulterior motives, denies
the existence of Ustache-connected elements within the Croatian
Government (Ustache was the pro-Nazi WWII nationalist organisation). At
the same time, America (with Germany and, strangely, Israel) has been
conducting a covert airlift of weapons into Croatia and Bosnia from the
start of the conflict. The weapons and funds have in all likelihood come
from Pakistan, Indonesia and possibly even Iran. The operations
logistical support has been carried out by a mixture of US forces,
allied UN troops and, according to local rumours, elements of the French
Foreign Legion at Sarajevo.41
According to the relative of a high-ranking Indonesian military
official, one such airlift took place in August 1994 when New Zealand UN
troops brought weapons-provided by Indonesia and destined for the Muslim
forces-along with their baggage. How authentic this report is, is not
known. However, it is on record that in early September 1994, shortly
after the arrival of NZ troops in the former Yugoslavian republic,
Bosnian forces launched a counter-offensive. Bosnia had suddenly
procured munitions and heavy weapons, previously much in lack. Where
had/who had/what had made such a feat possible? Perhaps it is just
coincidence that, a week later, Indonesia awarded New Zealand Telecom an
NZ$600 million contract.42

Prior to this affair, in the early days of the conflict New Zealand's 60
Minutes had run a program on the connection of an NZ-Israeli airline
company, named Pacific Express, to the arms trade.43 The documentary
cited the airline's flight pattern which included Pakistan, New Zealand,
Bosnia and Somalia-a flight pattern which matched developing heroin
routes into the USA at that time.44 It is with eerie similarity that we
are reminded of the Iran-Contra affair where the promotion of drugs and
terrorism and the pursuit of totalitarian principles were justified in
the name of self-interested national security.

However, when investigating the conspiracies of our times, it is often
easy to fall into the trap of blaming one specific group. In this
article I have examined the CIA, Nazi and right-wing cabals involved in
terrorism. Yet there does exist evidence of a yet greater cabal that is
just as willing to exploit hate-filled Zionist minorities, angry
socialists and revenge-desiring ethnic groups (i.e., the entire history
of the Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian conflict). The cabal cares not for race,
religion or ideology: these are just means to be exploited.
If we are to avoid the master cabal's global conspiracy (or any other
form of socio-manipulation), we must stop seeking answers via linear
analysis alone. A more effective solution would require us to approach
the puzzle upon a spiritual level as well. For the nexus of our cure
lies not in our want of an enemy upon which we can fix blame, but in a
realisation of our need for friendship. This friendship, however, can
only occur if humanity is willing to suspend judgement upon such issues
as race, religion, ideology and even species. Protest must not be
carried out against groups in incidental displays of action.

Within this article I have made several references to the United
Nations. I do not wish these to be interpreted as supporting the theory
that the UN is the means by which a one-world government will be
At the time of writing, my analysis of this issue is far from complete.
At this stage, however, I am inclined to suspect that the UN is as great
a victim of current world trends as any affair to date.
It is important in the analysis of the UN to be aware of the differences
in power between the permanent Security Council members, the temporary
Security Council members and the General Assembly.
One would also be wise to remember the WWII Battle of the Bulge affair
where SS commandos donned US uniforms in an attempt to seize US

What appears does not equal what is. Protest must be carried out in
support of yourself upon a daily basis.
Unity and empathy are our planet's best hope.
When the consequences are worth it, the odds are never too great. 

"I am you and you are me, XYZ to ABC. You, me, us, we are one."45

Trust everyone.


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