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Re: Theos-World US Karma

Sep 17, 2001 05:16 AM
by leonmaurer

And now it seems that you've lost it, too, Nos. Is this what self styled 
theosophists think like and talk about in Australia and Germany? If so, I 
wonder what HPB meant when she said theosophists are to form a "Nucleus of 
Universal Brotherhood." Does that mean following the party line of Hitler and 
dredging up all his distorted (from the SD) Aryan Master race philosophy and 
the tired old discredited Jew baiting propaganda, along with your own 
unfounded and viciously bigoted innuendoes, accusations and snide remarks? 
If you guys are not Neo-Nazis, then maybe you are "plants" of the Dugpas or 
"black magicians" who only study theosophy so they can feed their own selfish 
desires. I wonder how much you must be gloating over all the Jews killed in 
the bombing of the WTC? Your remarks play right into the hands of Bin Ladin 
and his fanatical followers. Shame to call yourself a theosophist. 


In a message dated 09/17/01 3:31:38 AM, writes:

>Big deal Bart - phraseology doesn't mean anything. You sound to me like
>an ADL plant. I've known - I think we all have - the the TS has been
>compromised by Jesuits, Jews etc for years - but it was always
>interesting to see how they compromised it. It's obvious now - you wait
>until people start approaching the truth and then when they do you start
>using the stock standard phrases - NAZI - oooh what a terible word -
>what a connatation? Next you'll be saying the protocols were forgery's.
>Regardless of whether they were or not every word in them has come to
>pass - Israel born from the Holocaust (the plan all along), UN
>formation, world bank etc etc. HPB wasn't afriad to put blame where
>blame was jew I mean due.
>BTW, did you check out the Aryans in India website? Any thoughts on
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>From: Bart Lidofsky [] 
>Sent: Monday, 17 September 2001 1:55 AM
>Subject: Re: Theos-World US Karma
>Mic Forster wrote:
>> Dear Frank and Bart,
>> You've both lost it.
> I used to work for a political fundraising agency. 
>Somehow, we got on several neo-Nazi mailing lists. I would read 
>their literature. Frank's phraseology is identical to the 
>phraseology I used to read in the neo-Nazi newspapers. 
> Bart Lidofsky

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