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RE: Theos-World US Karma

Sep 17, 2001 00:30 AM
by nos


Big deal Bart - phraseology doesn't mean anything. You sound to me like
an ADL plant. I've known - I think we all have - the the TS has been
compromised by Jesuits, Jews etc for years - but it was always
interesting to see how they compromised it. It's obvious now - you wait
until people start approaching the truth and then when they do you start
using the stock standard phrases - NAZI - oooh what a terible word -
what a connatation? Next you'll be saying the protocols were forgery's.
Regardless of whether they were or not every word in them has come to
pass - Israel born from the Holocaust (the plan all along), UN
formation, world bank etc etc. HPB wasn't afriad to put blame where
blame was jew I mean due.

BTW, did you check out the Aryans in India website? Any thoughts on


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Subject: Re: Theos-World US Karma

Mic Forster wrote:
> Dear Frank and Bart,
> You've both lost it.

I used to work for a political fundraising agency. 
Somehow, we got on several neo-Nazi mailing lists. I would read 
their literature. Frank's phraseology is identical to the 
phraseology I used to read in the neo-Nazi newspapers. 

Bart Lidofsky

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