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strange images

Sep 15, 2001 10:35 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

I was looking at the September 17 issue of TIME
MAGAZINE, which arrived in the mail on Tuesday.
I noticed the most odd advertisement there near 
the beginning of the magazine.

The full-page ad for Lufthansa shows a blue sky.
The picture is from the ground, looking up to the
sky, which is mostly blue, except for a trace of
clouds. There are four skyscrapers reaching up to
the sky, one at each corner of the page. From
the perspective of the picture, one must be
standing in the street between them, looking skyward.

The sky, as seen between them, forms a blue cross. 
Moving left to right, just in front of the World 
Trade Center, is a large jet. Trailing behind it, 
along the arm of the cross, is the caption, in 
white letters, "In reaching for new heights, may
be suggest a place to appreciate them?"

I just look at this ad, and think, "Isn't this

-- Eldon 

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