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Re: Theos-World To whom it may concern

Sep 06, 2001 05:37 PM
by ramadoss

Good suggestion. Sometimes the routing information is very informative in that
one can trace where the message is originating.

This is very useful especially when subscribers use pseudonyms to hide behind
them, which very likely makes them post sometimes messages which they would not
do when they post under their own real names. Also when I read messages using the
Netscape e-mail reader in the Netscape browser, I can select the option not to
see all the routing information.

My 0.02

mkr wrote:

> I don't generally push any programs but with the onslaught of endless and
> excess routing information on postings this is a gem of a program that will
> clean all the excess out with a couple of clicks of the mouse button.(it does
> cost money but well worth it in our view)
> <A HREF="";>Clip Cache</A>
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