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Internet - Progress Report

Sep 06, 2001 06:46 AM
by ramadoss

Census Bureau found that 42% of US households have access to Internet
which is up from 18% three years ago. More children than ever are
growing in homes with computers. Nearly 90% of all kids in the age group
6 to 17 have access to Internet either at home or school or both. In
Clarksville, Maryland some 9th graders were given handheld devices to
use for school work on a test basis. Add to this the instant messaging
capability with wireless phones. So the juggernaut of Internet moves on

Traditionally in pre-Internet era, formal organizations were necessary
to bring people together who had common interest in any topic and had to
provide a meeting place or some such arrangement. In addition such
formal organizations had, from time to time, charismatic leaders to whom
those in the organization looked up to and was the glue that kept the
organization together. Also, especially the "spiritual" organizations,
had a following which was interested in "spiritual" practices or lessons
which demanded absolute and unquestioned obedience as the price for
being taught any practice or given directions for spiritual growth.

Now comes the spread of democratic order combined with communication
infra-structure based on Internet which makes it an ideal combination.
Old order of things give way to new order, inevitably.

This brings into focus the role of theosophical truths in changing the
attitudes of people which in turn help Humanity change for better. Since
such a change was at the root of the long term objective of modern
theosophical movement, we can see a changing role for organizations. So
we can expect organizations to be more of storehouse of information, not
unlike Public Libraries, where one can access information, which means
organizations may no longer be in the role of directly or indirectly
controlling or directing the lives of people. Are we ready for such a
change? Any change is traumatic. Especially when organizations are lead
by those who grew up in an entirely different environment and probably
find it difficult to comprehend the implication of the changes taking
place in the world, are likely to fight such drastic changes and we can
expect either changes overtake them or the current generation of kid
growing up in the Internet savvy world where real democratic ideals are
pervasive. Could it be that Krishnamurti was far ahead of his time and
he was right when gave his Pathless Land statement when he also
disbanded his organizations and disassociated himself with all
organizations including the Theosophical Society.


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