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A movement?

Sep 01, 2001 08:35 AM
by DNisk98114

Subj: The joint is jumping...
Date: 8/30/01 6:53:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: DNisk98114
To: Abhilashi

The Giant Jump, which launches Britain's Science Year, will
take place on 7 September at 11 am and go straight into The
Guinness Book of Records as "the greatest simultaneous jump in

Everyone taking part will jump for one minute, and the results
will be monitored on seismometers and sensing equipment.
Although this is the largest jump that has been attempted, it
will not be the first time that people jumping up and down
have caused the ground to shake. Alice Walker, a seismologist
at the British Geological Survey, recalls: "In November 1995,
Londoners contacted Scotland Yard claiming they had
experienced an earthquake tremor. Investigations revealed that
20,000 rock fans had been jumping up and down to Oasis in
Earl's Court, and tremors were being reported from up to one
mile away. It will be interesting to see if hundreds of
thousands, and possibly millions of school students can beat

Science Year, which runs from September 2001 to August 2002,
aims to raise awareness of science among young people aged 10
to 19 years. See to find out more.
If any readers further afield have seismological equipment,
let us know if the tremors caused by the British jump travel
round the world.

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