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Re: Shaving off the froth

May 31, 2001 11:52 PM
by Mark Kusek

Dallas wrote:

> I would say, this gives us a UNITY at the base of our natures,
> that is only shattered and confused when, instead of using that
> metaphysical fact, we think and then start from the limited
> knowledge we have acquired in this incarnation, which may start
> from various premises, and which may still contain (unknown to
> us) elements of blind faith.

With direct experience, shattering, confusion, useful 'facts' and blind faith all fall away.

> Added to this I find that we are all beset by a kind of "hope."
> The hope is that someone has the secret and all we need to have
> is the final formula. And I find that this is also expressed as
> a hope that someone else found a short-cut we can use. If we
> could adopt that, then it might save us the tedious amount of
> time it takes to verify a proposition's accuracy. If we are
> beset with impatience, and with memories of our earlier
> education, which may have pre-disposed us to certain "beliefs"
> (to accept or to reject) which still remain unverified. At
> least I can see this in myself, and, since I have to handle it, I
> suppose others have the same problem.

That's what Blavatsky allegiance is all about.

> Being impersonal and also
> universal seems to shave off this kind of froth.

Nice to know that you're impersonal, universal AND clean shaven!

> As I see it the only arguments that remain to be considered are
> based on our Lower Manasic (present personal brain-mind
> apparatus) grasp of language and the possible / probable meanings
> that words and phrases convey (after being translated -- by Who?
> With what Motives ?) And that gives vast room for confusion and
> pro / contra arguments.

Yep. Especially so with email.

> LITERALISM is quite useless ( S.D. II 767 )

Can I quote you on that?


-- M

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