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Re: Theos-World Today Cranston-HPB NY Times Review

May 29, 2001 03:18 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi parkplace (what a valuable thing for city neurotics like me!),
thank you so much for the scanned fax of the advertising text of Cranston's
In the meantime I was asking back the person who informed me about the
recent review.

I was hunting through whole Berlin from one big press shop to another. They
have many foreign newpapers, including The Times (London) and TIME MAGAZINE,
but they all said to me that in whole Germany no one sells the NY Times!
And that despite the fact that many journalists frequently write that Berlin
is one of the biggest cities in Europe!! :-(
But it helps me a little bit when I image that a citizien in NY is hunting
through the city trying to buy the Berlin morning post, ha!

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