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May 28, 2001 03:14 PM
by dalval14

Monday, May 28, 2001

Dear Adelasie:

This may be a start to the search for THE LORDS OF KARMA


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Karma, as HPB describes it ( a review of what she writes in THE
THEOSOPHY is helpful, if we want an accurate description of the
operates to bring on manifestation. The Great Dhyanis (the WISE
operate to do this, using the matter from previous Manvantaras,
and they do
it under the LAWS of the UNIVERSE.


That which HPB taught at the beginning of the Theosophical
Movement covers
the basic ideas of karma and the power of free choice that is
ours as human

There is in each of us an aspect of the Universal Spirit. Karma
is one of
its operational factors. It operates to bring the Universe into
and takes note of our thoughts and feelings and acts. It is
educative, and not punitive.

"Bad karma" is a misnomer. It is simply the fact that sensitive
around us, takes notice of our motives and acts, and brings to
us, sooner or
later, the exact result that those have induced. We may think we
secured a personal advantage, or that we have settled a score
with some one else,
by putting them in difficulty. But if we have done this and know
it was a wrong thing to do, we are going to eventually "suffer"
from our own
error. We always KNOW when we are choosing or doing wrong.

"Land mines" are no exception to such a rule, nor are other
"accidents." Those who have assisted in their
construction, placement and ultimately in the harm they do to
others who are unknown,
will at sometime, have to suffer the consequences.

The view that Theosophy offers is that all action whether it be
thought, feeling, emotion, or actions ---
anything involving CHOICE -- involves Karma.

Karma, as HPB describes it ( described fully in THE KEY TO
THEOSOPHY is helpful for accuracy )
operates to bring on manifestation. The Great Dhyanis (the WISE
ONES ) to do this impersonally, using the matter (monads) from
previous Manvantaras, under the LAWS of the UNIVERSE.

Humankind, because of its presence at the balance point of nature
in its
general evolutionary process, is given the "Mind." -- the power
to think, the
poser to know the various Laws that govern all that is about him,
and his
own progress. It is said this process is similar to lighting one
candle from another.

To do this we evolve a "personality" and this includes in our
nature likes, dislikes, uncertainties, knowledge, etc., and
these are usually quite
unorganized. The MIND is a tool which enables us to observe and
to organize
them. It is part of the "personality" but not under its control.
In point
of evolution it is a superior power allied to the "spiritual
nature." It is impersonal, detached, and able
to analyze motive, volition, emotion, and impulse.

Essentially MIND is a portion of the INDIVIDUALITY -- the REAL

This "Individuality (or MONAD)" is said in Theosophy to include:

1. SPIRIT (or rather, a "ray" of the ONE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT );

2. BUDDHI, or Wisdom that has been acquired as the experience
of the
MONAD through all its evolution up to the present. This
Together, are called by HPB the MONAD. In evolution, as they
are indissolubly
Linked. And then

3. MANAS -- the Mind. With all its many powers and functions
[ see
PATANJALI's YOGA-SUTRAS for a full description ]

The MIND serves as a link between the Individuality and the
"Personality" through the thread that is
called "Sutratma" ( the "thread-soul." ) It links the HIGHER
MANAS with the
LOWER MANAS ( or the embodied mind).

In terms of Karma, the personality generates new causes all the
time when it makes choices. The
INDIVIDUALITY is always detached and is in complete harmony with
Universal KARMA.

The purpose of living for us, humans, is said to be to develop
(with our
"embodied-mind -- Lower Manas) an understanding of the operation
of Law in
all of Nature's departments, and especially in the area of our
ability to
make free and independent choice. The MORAL / ETHICAL factor is
important faculty to master and develop in this stage of our
evolution. The
first and primary faculty of the MIND is its independence -- its
and its power to chose. Hence our advancement in the
evolutionary scheme
is said to be "probationary." The goal is called "Perfection."

This is to be carefully understood. In no way are we the "tools"
or subject
to the manipulations of a supposed "personal God," Angel, Demon,
Therefore Theosophy advances the idea that we are linked DIRECTLY
the INDIVIDUALITY to the ONE SPIRIT. We carry in ourselves its
potential. We educate ourselves and we conclude our term of
learning by initiating ourselves.
The wisdom of the Universe is within --- in our own Spirit. Mind
is the channel that leads to That and self-discipline (of the
desire nature) is the tool we use for this advance.

In regard specifically to the question of our ability or
inability to chose
the "right thing," or to choose "between two evils," implies that
interiorly, know what is the "RIGHT THING." Or, we would not
have a sense of
a "bad" thing, nor a warning intuition from the "Voice of
Conscience" against such a choice.

There is much food for thought in these ideas.

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