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RE: [bn-sd] Re: ANCIENT TERMS USED eX.: On "Kwan-Shi Yin & Kwan-Yin," SDI 470-473

May 26, 2001 03:29 AM
by dalval14


Friday, May 25, 2001


Dear Friends:


The old terms used and the ancient names are shown in the SECRET DOCTRINE to be matters of our very ancient history.  Our modern education has shortened the view of the past, and the long periods spoken of in the S.D. arouse incredulity (see S.D. II 68-70,  745-766)


A far as I can determine the so-called esoteric or occult side of the doctrines are the result of applications of the basic fundamentals (see S.D. I 14-19).  Once that one begins to seek for CAUSES then we realize that our education has only given us information about the PHENOMENA of life surrounding us.  We see the surface.  But we have not been trained to ask WHY, and to look for the underlying Karmic reasons for things and events.


Let see how the FUNDAMENTALS of the S.D. can serve us to seek those CAUSES.


If the universe is ONE, the we are All BROTHERS.  How we chose to deal with others produces Karma.  The laws of Nature (Universe) are impartial and life-supportive. If we assist her we “earn good Karma.”  If we hinder and harm ay of her creatures, we earn “bad Karma.”  This is the basic difference between “good” and “evil.”  Our Universe in all its ways seeks to continually improve and advance and all beings are involved in this great underlying FORCE and MOVEMENT.


If In our choices for action we tend to be selfish and not generous, we create “bad” karma  (and generosity, unselfishness and brotherhood create “good” karma).


NATURE CONTAINS EVERYTHING and the so called discoveries made in all departments of science, are merely the unveiling ofthe interior and sensitive workings of Nature as it tends to balance the disharmonies of wrong choice.


Whatis esoteric in this?  Perhaps weare not accustomed to having the laws and regulations of Nature declared and demonstrated in such a clear way.  There is nothing in Theosophy that is more sacred than the idea of the CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN which has emanated all of us, and in which we LIVE and have our BEING.  In this divine primal source we all share.  The voluntary practice of BROTHERHOOD is a public and a private recognition of this supreme fact.


We see that space is filled with “LIVES”  (or Monads).  Each hasthe same potential and prospects we have.  We look on the organization of the Universe and of lour world, and even of our puny physical body, and we realize that LAW governs everything.  [  What is the nature of a mind that would try to be selfish and create disharmony, pain and sorrow for its brothers and companions? ]


In any case there is no special selection of anyone or any group in such a consideration.  If one desires t advance in knowledge the effort to do so is always individual, and when directed to cooperation and generosity of life, then Those who have passed that “Way” help.  This is why Theosophy has been re-promulgated.  Our “Elder Brothers are its knowers and custodians.  They are active in helping us, always/


The only reason the strange old designations are used is, as H.P.B. says, we have no exact word in English that says accurately the same things.  It is a kind of “jargon,” agreed.  But if you start with the KEY TO THEOSOPHY and with the OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY you will find that adequate explanations are given so that the ANCIENT WISDOM is made clear in modern terms.  Look at S.D. II 760 the footnote -- in their origin every RELIGION WAS ONE WITH ALL THE OTHERS.


If we are seeking to verify this, then we may proceed as scholars do, using our mindsto check the logic;  and,  history,  as a tool to verify the antiquity of the intent of the early scribes and thinkers.  Theosophy is called the WISDOM RELIGION and the ETERNAL DOCTRINE, and to prove this unity the ancient religions with the history and strange terms are brought forward by H.P.B. as witnesses to this fact.










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I must agree with what I think the above subject is talking about.  .  It is
my understanding that the SD is written for people that understand Theosophy
in the exoteric sense.  I did not know that he have to be partly a "adept" to
understand the subject we are studying.  

So much of the recent postings seem to me to be training certain individuals
in our group to move into the esoteric field, which is, at this point in my
training and reading pretty much beyond my ken.   The Sanscrit words that are
often used certainly not in my vocabulary.

Bill Quinn


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