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RE: Paul Brunton: British Philosopher, Mystic, & Traveler

May 23, 2001 05:24 PM
by dalval14

Dear Friend:

I read through Paul Brunton's books some 40 or 50 years or so
ago, when they were published, and found nothing in them that
was as useful and revealing of the great fundamental laws and
truths of the Universe as theosophy is.

He was widely traveled, and "investigated" a number of cults
sects religions and sacred places around the world.

Essentially (as I recollect, and this is of course only my
opinion) he was a journalist reporting on things that were
strange to him -- but I found nothing that had DEPTH to it. Also
he did not seem capable of relating those differences
(superficial) to the depths of a philosophy that has always been
descriptive of the LAWS and the WORKINGS of SECRET NATURE, and
its harmonious adjustment of diversities and care and tender
nurture of its so many children of all degrees.

Burton never seemed to concentrate or focus on the aspects of
Nature's diversity which revealed a common source and philosophy.
He emphasized differences and divergence, but was not able to
explain how or why those had occurred. Theosophy gives those

If you are familiar with ISIS UNVEILED and the S.D. you will see
what I mean right away.



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Recently came across the below featured website that presented
on a truly amazing man in his inward and spiritual quest and to
which I
unreservedly commend for your inquiry. Perhaps there are those
among you
who know of Paul Brunton and wish to share your thoughts re: his
observations and perspectives. Until next time, then. jlr

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